Burro Basics 2022-2023

Burrolibrary Basics to keep you ahead!

Here to Help, even when you can't get in the library!

I want to make sure you have everything you need to be a successful student this year. Below are a few frequently asked questions. I will be updating this throughout the year when new questions come, so keep this link posted somewhere handy. As questions arise and when answers are found, I will place the helpful resource here. As always, I am here to help student, teacher, and parent so feel free to email me if you can't find the help you need here.


Keep your Laptop Up to Date!

Laptop sluggish or Internet not working? You may need updates. You can avoid this by keeping your laptop on, on the Internet, and plugged in overnight. MNPS runs updates at night so laptops are not disrupted during school. You can push laptop through by following the steps below.

  1. Bottom left corner type "Check Updates"
  2. Then Select "Check Updates"
  3. Allow updates to be checked and then check back for "Update & Restart"
  4. You can also Select "Check for Updates Online" to pull more Microsoft Updates.

Click on Image to get a better picture.


This is your first place to go for easy access to multiple digital resources from MNPS and reduce the amount of times you need to login. You can also download the Clever APP on your devices.

Using your Office 365 Account, you will have immediate access to MNPS resources without having to continually sign in to the digital resources.

  • Office 365
  • Schoology
  • Noodletools
  • and more

Direct Clever Access Here

Login & Password Help

Login for Infinite Campus & Office365 are similar but different. Directions are below, but remember that Office365 Username is the username@mnpsk12.org & your unique password. Infinite Campus is just the username (no @mnpsk12.org) plus the same unique password.

When you are locked out of your email and need a password reset, you can request this help from any teacher, academy office, or the library staff. Email joyce.claassen@mnps.org for more help.

Office 365 Your School Year

Learn how to access your school email, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & other Microsoft products through the use of your School Office 365 Account.

Directions Here

How to access your school courses online

Use the direct link to Schoology on www.burrolibrary.com with your mnpsk12.org email (directions to access their mnpsk12.org email found here) . The password is your student ID.

Using a "Google" searched link to Schoology will not allow you access to the correct Schoology Portal. Also, using your personal email to Schoology, will not give you access to 2020-2021 Schoology at Hillsboro.

If you are still unable to login, check the Schoology Help Here.

Access to Databases

Most Databases are found on www.burrolibrary.com

Most of them work automatically at school. If not you will either use your Limitless Libraries account or Hillsboro for both the username and password.

Infinite Campus

Link is found on www.burrolibrary.com

Use your MNPS Login credentials to access your account

School Code is xypfws

Direct Infinite Campus Link Here

Limitless Libraries

The website has changed this year and it is amazing.

Remember, your student ID is your Library Card and your PIN # is your birthday. If your birthday is September 8th then your PIN is 0908


MNPS Digital Tools

Instructions for Digital Services are found here.

MNPS Digital Tools