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Week 1, February 1

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We're SO glad you're here!

Welcome to our weekly Team Email for the best ladies in the business - the gorgeous stylists of Stella Nation. I am so excited to share fun news, great calls, and celebrate YOU and all that you do to delight your customers, hostesses, stylists, and each other, every day!

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What's On Tap this Week?

It's February 7 and EVERYONE should be participating in the Home Office Led 10 DAY BOOKING CHALLENGE! You definitely want to win the gorgeous prizes that TEN people are winning EVERY DAY!

It's very, very simple - you warm up 10 potential hostesses/stylists and you follow up with 10 potential hostesses or stylists. You'll get an email with suggested words to say each day, but you really don't need that - you just need YOUR voice and YOUR list of potentials.

For 10 days EVERYONE can fit this in their schedules, and then it will become a weekly HABIT of consistent warming up at least 10 and following up with at least 10 EVERY WEEK.
And do you know what will happen when you do that CONSISTENTLY?
You'll book TRUNK SHOWS!!!!

Be sure to join the Home Office all stylist Facebook page so you can share your efforts, results and best practices and be entered to WIN free stella & dot :)
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Welcome to YOUR JUMP START!!!

Congrats to you! We are ALL in our jump start - a NEW improved jump start that rewards you for doing the most important parts of our business - sharing the style and sharing the opportunity! That's right- there is a new jumpstart program- and we're all in it again!

My challenge to ALL OF YOU - Go for $5000 in sales between January 9 and March 9 ... that's five typical trunk shows in 8 weeks. YOU CAN DO IT! When you do - That's $750 in product credits. (plus if you sell $1000 before February 7, you'll get a quick start bonus of $100!)

Why stop there? Set a goal to share the opportunity with at least ONE person during your jump start. Team Building Bonus: For every Stylist you sponsor during your Jumpstart, who qualifies by selling $1000 Retail Sales during her Jumpstart, you'll earn $100 in cash on your Little Blue Card! Additionally, when your new Stylist sponsors someone in her Jumpstart, who then qualifies during her Jumpstart - both you and your new Stylist will get $100 in cash!

*check out all the details on your stylist lounge home page.

(Introducing your new Jumpstart! As we roll out our new Jumpstart on 1/9, we're excited for ALL STYLISTS to experience this, with Jumpstart for all! That means, between January 9th and March 9th, all Stylists will earn unlimited Jumpstart Awards, including the Quickstart Award, Team Building Bonuses and unlimited product credit!)
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Have you shared our February stylist special with all of your prospective stylists? It's a $98 value - so it's an AWESOME gift for your new team member!

Not sure where to start when you want to share the opportunity?
There is a GREAT series that Danielle just finished on the three steps to sponsoring, and you can find it here from the SDU training page under Training Calls, Sponsoring.

My top tips:
1. Start with your hostesses past and present! They are your "lowest-hanging fruit" if you will, because they've already welcomed stella & dot into their homes. How many of YOU are former hostesses? If you haven't offered the opportunity to every one of your hostesses, start there. Easy enough right?

2. Look at your facebook friends list. Who do you see there that you just have to share a little bit about stella & dot with?

3. Close your eyes and just think - who would LOVE this that I just haven't shared it with? Who is on YOUR DREAM TEAM? Go tell them that! They'll be flattered if nothing else, and you may just find them in the seat next to you at HOOPLA!
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Jessica, Anita, Danielle & April are going to be ALL over the US and Canada in February & March.
Our team will be in attendance I know in Richmond, Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle & Atlanta.

Here's the list of all the cities and dates.

Wednesday, 2/12: San Antonio, TX
Thursday, 2/13: Houston, TX
Monday, 2/24: Edmonton, AB
Monday, 2/24: Miami, FL
Wednesday, 2/26: Richmond, VA
Wednesday, 2/26: Seattle, WA
Monday, 3/3: Pittsburgh, PA
Monday, 3/3: Salt Lake City, UT
Tuesday, 3/4: Chicago, IL
Wednesday, 3/5: Kansas City, KS
Monday, 3/17: Birmingham, AL
Tuesday, 3/18: Shreveport, LA
Tuesday, 3/18: Santa Monica, CA
Wednesday, 3/19: San Diego, CA
Monday, 3/24: Philadelphia, PA
Monday, 3/24: Atlanta, GA
Tuesday, 3/25: Boston, MA
Wednesday, 3/26: Tri-State Area
Wednesday, 3/26: Halifax, NS
Thursday, 3/27: Perth, ON

In each city there will be an all-stylist training followed by a "Spring Style Rally" where there will be a short "meet stella & dot" led by Jessica or Danielle.
The stylist lounge has all the details you need and will also tell you about all the SWAG you can earn just by going!

If you CAN get to one of these events, then you NEED to be there. It will be an amazing day of training and business building. I cannot express it enough - even if it means taking a personal day from your "other" job - you've got to get in on the chance to be with Jessica & Danielle!

For those of you shooting for star - be sure to apply for the Fast Track to Star exclusive event (takes place after the Spring Style Rally) ... talk about motivation!!! Who wouldn't want to be in a really small intimate environment with one of those amazing women???

Let's send a prospective stylist to the Spring Rally/Meet Stella & Dot portion of the event in as many of these cities as possible. Can I dare to see if we can get a prospective in EVERY city? ;) Look at the list, see where you know people or have connections and reach out!!! How amazing to have them hear from Danielle or Jessica about our opportunity!

Make the Most of Social Media!

This was a REALLY HELPFUL webinar with Jessica this week.
Definitely worth taking some time to learn the tips of the trade and how you can use social media to generate those High Value Activities!
(note: it takes until 13 seconds for something to happen, so just be a little patient :))
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Let's Make the Most of It!

I hope you'll really take some time and look at what you want out of this year - you really can have anything you want if you are willing to just say it out loud and work for it! Your team is here to help you get there!


it's time to start thinking Hoopla!!!! ... who thinks this looks like a pretty fun "work" meeting?
Registration Opens March 3!!!
More details to come.
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Associate Director, Lauren Sigler