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Doing Homeschool and Life Together!

What's Going on

Hi everyone!

This Tuesday was so fun! I think the kids really enjoyed the Science and Art projects.

I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming to our guests, I think they had great time, and it was fun making new friends!

I need to add to last week's announcement about Registration.

We will need Registration and Supply fees by no later than July 1.


  • 1st Foundations student: $85 next student: $55
  • 1st Essentials Student: $85 next student: $55


Each Foundations Student: $50

Each Essentials Student: $20

I will need registration by July 1 so I can get all the paperwork together. Please note this is a late due date for Registration. If our community were to grow, I will need to start processing sooner.

A link to registration forms below.

Practice Time!!!!

Starting on week 19 we will start the day 15 minutes early to practice the timeline song for our end of the year celebration. We will run through the entire song and try to get all the hand motions down!

******************Our end of year celebration is April 29 at 6:30******************

Book Study: The Core

Let's get back at it!!!! Shall we discuss chapter 6 this week??

Our Support Representative will be visiting our community on March 8th. She will be bringing her two daughters aged 6 and 10. (pictured below)

Family Presentation/ Cleaning Schedule

Please check and note on calendar