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Renewable Resources And BiomassđŸ˜†

What Is Biomass

Biomass is waste burned and used for fuel. They mostly use elephant dung because they eat hay and don't digest food very efficiently. Thier dung is very high in energy content. In 2006 Munich, Germany they started using biogas to power a generator that heats the zoos buildings. Another zoo that is using biogas is the Tama Park in Japan. This zoo uses biogas for the buses in the lion tours. Did you know that around eighty contries in the developing world produce sugur cane, a crop that generates a lot of waste material, for example in India, many people change plant and animal waste into a useful feul using biogas digesters.

What Are The Advantages

There are many advantages like, biomass Is renewable and will never run out,using biomass reduces the amount of garbadge that ends up in landfills and also biomass can be found almost anywhere in the world and energy can be garanteed when needed!

What Are The Disadvatages?

There are also a few disadvantages from using biomass like it can expensive to produce fuel and gas from biomass, collecting enough biomass to meet energy needs could be difficult, and when biomass is burned it creates greenhouse gasses. However,the carbon released is reaborbed witch later becomes biomass itself witch is why its a renewable resorce.

Renewable Resources

Renewable resources like solar power, hydropower and biomass can be found all over the world and is garenteed when and where it is needed it also never runs out witch is why its renewable. Using these and other renewable resorces causes less environmental damage then non-renewable resorces