Gambling, a Dangerous Game

By: Russell Wismer


I believe gambling is wrong and ruins lives. As you can see, I am against gambling. Gambling can waste money, be addictive, and lead to other addictions. Do the world a favor and consider not gambling!

Gambling can result in a loss of money. There is almost always a low chance of winning, yet people continue to waste money on gambling. One example of losing money from gambling is placing a bet for some amount of money and losing the bet, resulting in a loss of money. Another example of losing money from gambling is buying a scratch card. You might buy a scratch card for an amount of money and not win. That would be a loss of money. Lastly, one example of losing money from gambling is going to a casino and playing some games. Games cost money to play, and if you lose those games, you lose that money. Gambling often results in a loss of money, so please don't gamble!

We found that gambling can result in a loss of money, but can it also be addictive? One reason gambling can be addictive is that it gives a temporary 'high' from the rush gambling brings. That 'high' is like the one from drugs like marijuana, which of course are addictive. Another reason gambling is addictive is that gamblers might think gambling is really fun and keep playing it. An example of that is professional poker. Players play poker for a living and use money for it so its a form of gambling. Players play it because they like it and are good at it. Lastly, one reason gambling can be addictive is that when people gamble, they just want to keep playing until they win, and the process goes on and on. Gambling is addictive in many ways, and loses money.
Gambling is addictive, and can also result in a loss of money. It can also lead to other addictions. Smoking, for instance, can be picked up by gambling. Someone might hand over a cigar or cigarette to a gambler, or someone might just get addicted from second-hand smoke from the air pollution inside casinos. From the exposure to the second-hand smoke, it can be addictive. Another addiction picked up by gambling is alcohol. In a casino, alcoholic drinks are popular. Someone could by a drink, like it, buy more, and get addicted. Lastly, one addiction picked up by gambling is other types of gambling. So many types of gambling are tied to other types of gambling, so they can easily be picked up by certain types of gamblers. Gambling is not just addictive but can lead to other addictions.
There are a lot of ways gambling is bad, but how about the good? Well, one way gambling is good is that people can win money. Money can help lesser families in life. Another way gambling is good is that the profit from gambling can help states/communities. The reason it can help is that the money goes to the community and it can be used to help. Lastly, winning money can be used to help people pay for thing they need or just for stuff in general. Gambling has an upside and is not all bad.


In conclusion, gambling is a major down-side to the world. It is just one more unhealthy addiction for people to get involved in. It really ruins lives of people around us and around the world. Please help the world by considering not gambling!


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