2014 Stifler Family Reunion

Last call - Please RSVP at "this link" below

Father's Day weekend

Friday, June 13th, 5:30pm

5420 Whippoorwill Drive, Kalamazoo 269.375.2714


Thursday - Early birds, come by and catch up and snack on goodies in the garden!

Friday - Let the festivities begin, wine a little or a lot or not, enjoy pizza and salad with the fam

Saturday Morning - Options: Golf at the Country Club or Lunch and Limo to South Haven*

Saturday Evening - Yard games and a BBQ Dinner under the stars

Sunday - Brunch, Family pictures and *poof* it's time to go home.

PLEASE LMK which option you prefer Saturday Morning by clicking this link and ALSO

who else graduated this spring besides Quinn and Colin?? It would be nice to have final numbers and day of arrival, please.

ALSO . . . if we did not send this to someone it is because we do not have their e-mail.

Please forward it on and then also send me their e-mail. Thanks! And if you got it twice or three times, oops.