Butterfly Newsletter


Our Valentine's Day Celebration

Please let your child make 26 (preferably home-made) cards. This simply means, small colorful papers decorated with stickers, ribbons, crayon, doilies, etc. We value the process of creating something while thinking of our friends.

At school, the children will decorate a bag in which they will received the cards from each of their friends from both classrooms. The exchange will take place during our morning work time and will conclude with the opening, viewing and reflecting the Valentines received from their friends at circle time.

Please remember -

  • The children should sign their own name (even if it is a scribble or just a letter or two).
  • Please do not write the name of the "To" student
  • We ask that no candy or gifts be distributed
  • Please do not send Valentines with commercial characters

Involve your child in the preparation and collection of the materials for creating the cards and we encourage you to allow plenty of time to work on the cards so they do not become overwhelmed.

Our tip to Cinnabar Theater on February 11th is fast approaching. I'm sure your children will enjoy the BALLOONACY show. Please, leave the $10 admission fee with us at WTS by February 8th. To view more info on this field trip click here...

Thank you so much,

Miss Barbara