My Money Matters Project

A presentation about my job, car, and house.

My Job

My career is in archaeology. I study the origin, development, and behavior of human beings, past and present.

I would usually work in laboratories, but sometimes I'll go out into the field. Work sometimes requires travel.

To be an archaeologist I would need my Masters degree or PhD.

My yearly salary is $31,200 to $52,230.

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My House

My house is at 1214 Yewell St, Iowa City, IA.

It is $179,900, and the estimated monthly payment is $806.

It has 4 bedrooms,1 full bathroom, 1 partial bathroom, and it's very nice looking on the outside and has nice rooms.

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My Car

My car is a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier.

It costs $1,295 and it's loan price is about $37.58.

It's a cool color and it seats up to 5.

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