Emergency Plan!

How to Stay Safe when an outbreak of the flu begins.

What to do.

When an outbreak occurs try to stay safe and clean. Keeping clean is one of the best ways to be safe while an outbreak occurs.

How to keep your family safe.

To keep your family safe from a communicable disease like the flu you want to keep things clean. Make sure to wash your hands after being outside, using the restroom, before eating, after sports etc. This will help reduce the risk of contracting a communicable disease because bacteria and germs are the way that they spread. Vaccines also help reduce the risk of contracting this specific communicable disease.

Lifestyle behaviors.

Lifestyles behaviors that will help you prevent getting any communicable disease is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Also, get enough sleep and be active. Doing these things keeps your body in shape and makes sure it has the right nutrients it needs to function.

learn more.

Flu.gov can help give you information on symptoms and other types of flu.