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Week of March 26-30

A note from Mrs. Trujillo:

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break. I hope that you and your child were able to reenergize for the last few weeks of school. Can you believe that we are SO close to the end of second grade?!

This week will be our first field trip. We will be going to the OKC Museum of Art on Thursday. Thank you to everyone for turning in their permission slips before spring break. I will send out a not on Wednesday explaining some last minute details that you need to know.

As you all know, there is a potential for a school shutdown across Oklahoma. Here is a way for your child and family to show support for education across Oklahoma:

In #Solidarity with our Educators, we are asking ALL supporters of Public Education to please join us in SHOWING your support publicly in the upcoming week. (March 26-30)

Here’s how:

Monday: please wear BLUE! We are blue for our students who are coping with lack of funding which is creating huge class sizes, lack of resources, limited options in classes....

Tuesday: Please wear RED! #WearREDforPUBLICEd as we do every Tuesday

Wednesday: Please wear YELLOW! We are optimistic and hoping for a better future for public education in Oklahoma.

Thursday: Please wear GREEN! We need public education to be properly funded for the future of our students and our state!

Friday: Please wear BLACK! We realize how serious an issue this is and want to show our solidarity with educators across our state!

Please feel free to share this ANY and EVERYWHERE and we want to see photos of you rocking the #StandWithOKEducators wardrobe!

OKC Museum of Art Field Trip

Thursday, March 29th, 9:15pm

415 Couch Drive

Oklahoma City, OK

This week in class...


We will continue working on Unit 7 in math this week. The concepts we will cover this week are:

  • measurement with meters
  • measurement with yards

At home, please practice counting change, and getting change back with your child. This is an everyday skill that we are working on in class, and working on it at home, and in the "real world" could be very beneficial. Also, working on telling time with an analog clock, and asking questions like "What time will it be in two hours?" helps reinforce skills taught in class. As always, practice with addition and subtraction fact fluency. A good way to do this is through Xtra Math.


This weeks literacy concepts are:

  • Sound of the week: oy, oi
  • Story Genre: Expository Text
  • Comprehension Skill: point of view
  • Comprehension Strategy: summarize
  • Grammar: pronouns- I, me, we, us
  • Mechanics: capitalizing the pronoun I
  • Writing: narrative

Please continue to do Smarty Ants at home with your child. The skills your child learns in this program go right with what we learn in class. It really is a great tool, and on top of it, it is fun and engaging.


We will continue with our States of Matter unit. We have been learning all about solids, liquids, and gases. We are learning about their different properties, and what can change a state of matter. This week we will continue to do other science experiment to see other ways matter can change.

Spelling Words For The Week:

1. soil

2. broil

3. moist

4. point

5. toil

6. oil

7. toy

8. joy

9. coin

10. noise

11. crown

12. mound

13. I'll

14. laugh

15. maybe

High Frequency Words For The Week:

1. brought

2. busy

3. else

4. happy

5. I'll

6. laugh

7. love

8. maybe

9. please

10. several

Specials This Week:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Music

Dates to Remember:

March 28- Bethesda presentation

March 29- OKC Museum of Art field trip

April 1- Madyson's Birthday

April 20- Math Morning

April 24- Arts Festival

April 26- Field Trip to Jasmin Moran

Classroom Wish List

*Clorox Wipes

Thank you to everyone who donates to our classroom. We wouldn't be able to do the things we do without your help! You are SO appreciated.

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