Merry December!

Special Edition - Tips from the Top!!!

So much to be thankful for...especially thankful for all of you!

This tribe is one that's turning heads. I woke up to a text from Gina Murphy first thing on the 1st, telling us "Congratulations!!" October had been this team's best month to date, but in November, we beat October by $50,000. WHHAAATT???? Truly unbelievable!! I want to give huge thanks to the leader's on my team who work endless hours to make sure everyone is being heard and helped during such a busy time in their businesses. We are so happy that this team is full of passion, and then combine that with the reach we have, it's no wonder our team had a KILLER November. Well done everyone!!

This communication is a little different from the norm. With a team full of knowledge, good experience, and wise words...I figured it would be awesome to gather good tips and advice heading into December and into the New Year from all our Senior Directors and Executive Directors on the team. So...below are contributions from myself, Tara Woodland, Morgan Rasmussen, Ayesha Dawley, and Kelli Weber! Enjoy and take notes!
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Gifting is coming to an what?? {Managing Director- Michelle Skinner}

I'm sure many of you are doing the calendar math..."I really only have til the 17th do get all my business transactions in for the month! I have to get to work now!!" While yes, it's true that we definitely need to front load our month in order to get gifts into people's hands before Christmas, remember, we aren't just a "gifting" company offering a luxury item. We offer a product that people will have to purchase any day of the year!

This has to be the best thing about working for a consumable brand. If you were on your last couple pumps of moisturizer, you aren't going to wait until February to place your order or to see what you'll be gifted Christmas morning. You're not going to wait until a bonus comes in to buy your shampoo and conditioner. When it runs dry, orders need to be placed!

So let's divvy up the weeks:
1) Next two weeks- Book up your calendar! You don't need a lot of notice to gather 2 or 3 people on any given night. This year I'm doing "stop and shops." I asked my best clients to open their doors to anyone who wants to shop in their area. They invited their friends, I invited my network, and I'm not doing a "presentation." I know that we will naturally talk about BC once we're all there, but there wasn't a lot of pressure to say "yes" to me, when all it is is stopping and shopping.

2) After the 17th- Open up your own open house and bring out anything that's still boxed and ready to be sold. Have gift bags ready or clear bags to wrap product in. If you bought Holiday gift sets, it's a great time to sell them to those that need a gift on the go. Don't hold inventory, but if you are done with them, now's the time to get them into people's hands!

3) After Christmas- Check in with clients about reorders. Use this week to carry on with "business as usual." And it might be time for those clients to start thinking about themselves again instead of everyone else. :) Start getting your January set. Do you have ways to get in front of new people? Did you spend December warming up some new prospects? January is a great time to re-launch your business and get others launched too!

MOST IMPORTANTLY...make sure you spend good, quality time with your family. Enjoy the holidays and make special memories. That's an order!!
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New Year Resolution: Share your love of Beautycounter! {Executive Director- Morgan Rasmussen}

With a brand new year right around the corner December is without a doubt a PERFECT month to start warming up your potential teammates or “dream team” recruits to the idea of joining Beautycounter on January 1st (or sooner)!! Think about what a new year has meant to you in the past. Maybe you were seeking a fresh start, looking to cross a few things off your bucket list (or creating your bucket list for the very first time), trying a new hobby or working towards a new health/fitness goal. Think about what we have to offer someone else at the start of a new year with Beautycounter! For that friend who’s thought about starting a new business or hobby, that person in your life that’s ready to make their health a priority, someone who’s ready to step outside their comfort zone and try something new or maybe even someone who’s wanting to do something meaningful and impactful. Guess what? We have an incredible gift to offer someone with joining Beautycounter and most don’t even know it! They have no idea that Beautycounter could be a real solution and could bring so much good into their lives as well as the lives of others. We can fulfill a need and desire with our unique business model being a direct retail brand as well as we have a social mission like no other! What we get to do each and every day not only feels good, but for some can be the difference between them paying their mortgage or not. It can help someone feel like they are contributing to their family in a different way - which can do amazing things for confidence and self-esteem!

So how are you going to use December to “warm up” your potential teammates for a January signup? Well for starters, I think many of us want to jump right in with telling someone all about Beautycounter, our story, our products, what we’re doing, why we’re different, and on and on and on. This is a natural tendency since we are all so excited about our businesses and we want to share EVERYTHING - and share it all in 1 text, 1 email, 1 phone call or 1 message. So I want you all to take a minute and put yourself into their shoes. Start thinking about WHY Beautycounter is something THAT PERSON should be interested in hearing about. It doesn’t matter what Beautycounter is if that person doesn’t know HOW they could fit into our story or HOW Beautycounter could work for them. If we work on tailoring each and every conversation we have to that person, none of the other information is even necessary!

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a current Beautycounter client that’s loving her products and who knows - maybe she teaches a yoga class down the street at a studio. Why not approach the conversation with confidence? Why not say, “You know what Sarah….why don’t you do what I do? We need more people like you! You are so passionate about health, you already love the brand and products - you’re out there telling your friends and students about Beautycounter anyway. I mean seriously - this completely makes sense for you! I know a new year brings about a new opportunity and desire to want to get out of your comfort zone and try something new and I’d love to chat more about how this could easily fit into your life. Let me know when you’re free. xo”

Less is always more when it comes to recruiting and it leaves plenty of opportunity to dive into what and who Beautycounter is at a later date. So use December to start warming your bench! I mean how fun would it be to step into a new year with a brand new teammate or two?!

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Why will I be back at Leadership Summit? {Senior Director- Kelli Weber}

Last February I was sitting in Nashville at the Beautycounter Leadership Summit in total awe and in total fear! And one question was on my mind as I was listening to Gregg, Mia, Christy & Founding Members, “how am I going to do this?!?!?!!” I have no team, no consultants and honestly I was getting a little burned out on doing 3-4 socials per month for the last 4 months. I scrapped up our own money to go, which was all out of our families budget and my husband said “You have to go, If you are really going to do this as a business you need to go and treat it like a business.” And I am so glad I did! There is an emotional connection that happens when you are there - in front of so many passionate people. A fire ignites and your passion for this business burns even brighter! You catch fire and seriously something changes in you when you hear all of these amazing women speak about their passion. They tell the story about WHY we are all sitting there and continue to do what we do so well each day! To spread the word about Beautycounter and why we deserve to have safe and effective products that will not put our health on the line for beauty. I was all in after that and never turning back!

10 months later we have an amazing and thriving team and the word is still spreading about Beautycounter! We are still a start up and that is why I still encourage people to go like wildfire with Beautycounter because so many still have never even hear of us! So the moral of the story is - Leadership Summit, HotLanta, GET THERE! I will never miss another one! It is an amazing 3 days of incredible knowledge, training, team building, food, wine (I do love wine), dancing and fun! I will never miss another one. I want so badly for everyone to make an effort to be there because it will change the way you do your business.

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Social Media: Could be the perfect gift for your business! {Senior Director- Ayesha Dawley}

We are constantly on our phones and computers, many of us are using these modes to run the majority of our businesses. Let's go over some things to think about in order to make the work you're doing really work for you!

Email Marketing Tips

- Make a Good First Impression: Your two areas of prime real estate are the two things that the recipient actually sees first: The Sender’s Name and the Subject Line.

- The Subject Line

* 4 Words or Phrases to Avoid: free, help, percent off, reminder

* Using the exact same subject line for each newsletter can decrease open rates

* Keep your subject to 50 characters or less

- Sell the email in the subject line. This is the first thing people see so it's important to get it right. Keep it short and make it stand out in a crowded inbox by offering something of value and by using power words that incite curiosity and excitement. If the subject line doesn't make people go 'OMG, I HAVE to read this email', they won't.

- Timing: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are the best days to send emails and yield the best results. Normal morning hours (not too early) to mid-afternoon are the best times. The best open rates tend to be seen in emails that are sent around lunch time.

- Avoid Spam Filter Traps:

* Spammy phrases such as “Once in a lifetime opportunity!”

* Too many !!!!!!!!!


* Sloppy HTML

- Make Sure Your Email Has Obvious Links: The purpose of your email is to drive traffic to your website. The key to accomplishing this is to capitalize on every moment where a user may feel compelled to click. Include lots of links (at least one per paragraph of text) and make sure that your links look like links. Using strong calls to action and even authoritative "click here" messaging will also help you. To make sure you are linking to your Beautycounter website, go to your website, log in, and then click the "share" button on each page in order to get people back to your individual page.

* Make It Easy to Unsubscribe: When users get frustrated while trying to figure out how to remove their email from your list, they eventually just start to flag your email as spam.

* Keep Your Text Short and Easy to Scan: People get bored easily and everyone is busy so make your email scannable by using subheadings and short paragraphs.

- Write your email as if you are talking to friends. Writing in a friendly and respectful voice allows you to create trust between yourself and your subscribers.

- Include a call to action. Invite your subscribers to take an action and the response is typically quite positive.

TIPS for Facebook Posting

- Posting at least once per day to increase engagement, while keeping posts short and asking questions keep fans engaged.

- Alternate your posts between text and images.

- If you are including photos, Facebook’s current algorithm favors albums (multiple photos) vs. a single photo.

- Facebook’s current algorithm LOVES video!

- Occasional post “sharing” is easy, quick and effective, but make sure you are also occasionally creating original posts. Don’t do just one or the other….alternate!

- Alternate personal posts with Beautycounter posts. Your friends will begin to scroll right past you if the majority of all of your posts are sales messages or business-related. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 personal posts for every 1 Beautycounter-related post.

- Use our approved hashtags (#betterbeauty and #switchtosafer) to show up in more searches (this is especially true for Instagram)

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Little Goals, Big Goals...just set some goals! {Executive Director- Tara Woodland}

Happy December! It seems that I’m regularly commenting how fast time flies and before I know it another month has passed. I have a feeling a lot of us are in the same boat, which is why creating goals, both short and long term, is crucial to having a successful business. Goals allow us to have tangible items to check off our lists and allow us to have a sense of accomplishment. For each month I like setting goals in terms of PV, recruiting, BV, recognition title and socials/1:1’s/face kit drop offs. These goals allow you a general idea of business operations and then they need to get broken down on how do you achieve them (e.g. how many people you need to talk to each day/week).

This business and those goals mentioned above are truly a numbers game. The more people you talk to, try your products, and approach about the business the better chance you get at getting a “yes”. It is crucial to write these goals down and discuss them with your mentor. You are not in this business alone and have incredible resources in your upline. I’ve found that sometimes bouncing ideas off of others sparks some new ideas I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. The beauty of this is that there are multiple ways to run your business and while one way might work well for one person it might not be a great fit for another. Many of us have never done anything like this before so there is some trial and error that may happen, but don’t get frustrated. Brush yourself off and adjust your goals if needed. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard no or not right now. Laura Stenovec shared this really great article on what it takes to be a successful salesperson and I think these points hit the nail on the head. With the new year just around the corner I want everyone to write down 3 goals for the next year as it pertains to this business and share with your mentor. 2016 is going to be an incredible year of growth for Beautycounter and your business and I can’t wait to see what everyone accomplishes.



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Here's to you!!!

We all hope that you had a wonderful 2015 and before we write this year off....let's have one more FABULOUS month to close out strong! Please reach out to your mentor, upline Director, or any one of us to discuss your business...we're all more than happy to help!

Thank you for all the hard work you put in, we hope you love your Beautycounter business like we do, and we appreciate your contributions to the growth of this company...big or small! xoxo Your leadership team.