Mr. G's Free Throw Contest Results

And the winner is...

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Congrats to the Related Arts Team!

It was an epic battle that will go down in history! We had people taking off their shoes, people strapping on bandages after donating blood, and people laughing so hard they could not focus on the basket... It was a sight to behold! I hope you had a good time choosing teams and participating in the free throw contest. I had a great time watching all of you laughing, showing off your skills, and spending time together. The results were very, very close, but the related arts team pulled out a victory with a score of twelve made free throws out of twenty. We will get with the related arts team to plan when they would like to cash in their award. Thanks to all of you for participating!

Please see the results in the picture below to see just how close the scores really were. Please look forward to seeing some of the pictures Coach P will print and put out for us to remind us of our fun together.

Who knows what other contests we might have later this year!

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A few free throw pointers for next time...

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