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End of Term Newsletter - March 2021

It will be interesting to see how the historians reflect on this period of our history and the impact it has had on individuals, particularly young people. As educators, (and that includes parents) we have a responsibility to shape that history. With the return of all our young people to school that task has already started. The entire Anglo family has risen to the occasion and we can reflect on our achievements with some satisfaction.

In the last 3 weeks, the school campus has had a purposeful, dignified, respectful atmosphere. Whilst excitement of the return has been mitigated by some apprehension and concerns over testing, we believe we can now move forward with confidence. The process has been smooth and very well managed by our dedicated team.

Shaping history requires a common language. We should talk less about recovery, catch up, masks, tests, lost generation, Covid children. We should talk more about resilience, creativity, patience, family and kindness. We should look for opportunities to build back better - the way in which we assess young people, the importance of a broad education instilling adaptability, creativity and flexibility as key characteristics that enable us to play an active role in shaping the 21st century.

Let us not forget that we also need to forge new ways of working with our European neighbours, celebrate diversity and continue with our commitment to tackle climate change if we are to make the world a better place. This is a tough agenda for the next generation of leaders, policy makers and influencers, but it is a challenge we have to help them rise to.

No longer should we talk about the 'snowflake generation' (if we ever did). Our children have had a momentous calamity thrust upon them and, supported by their families and friends, have responded with courage, dignity, hard work and patience. We also recognise that some have found the experience more challenging than others and will need more support as we move forwards. This is a collective responsibility that we should not ignore. Being kind and emotionally intelligent make us human, and they certainly make us Anglo.



Further to government advice that school populations should continue to self-test throughout the Easter break and report to both schools and the NHS. Students have been issued with 6 home testing kit on completion of their 3 lateral flow tests in school. A further 6 tests have been issued this week to those eligible. Student home testing is to continue during the Easter break twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday each week. Test Register will continue to send a reminder email on both Sunday and Wednesday as a prompt. Please upload your child’s results to Thank you for your continued support of the testing programme.


Our staff and students receive regular bulletins on our standards of behaviour and uniform, and we appreciate the support we receive from parents, particularly as we adapt to the challenges of children returning to school from lockdown. We would ask that during the Easter holidays that you are mindful that the school uniform policy does not allow for nose piercings, false nails and eyelashes. These items are often difficult to remove without specialist help or equipment and we ask for your support with their removal during the holiday so we can have a good 'smart' start to the new academic term.

If you are having a spring clean over Easter and would like to donate 'nearly new' uniform, please send items into Student Services in a labelled bag. We are particularly looking for any PE kit (the new version) and blazers.

The International Enterprise Academy at AES

I am delighted to see the students studying enterprise courses in our International Sixth Form continue to develop and expand their business ventures during lockdown. We have a number of students independently running their own business, utilising the knowledge they develop during their studies with us. Their entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and resilience have ensured their continued ability to thrive in such difficult trading circumstances.

Upper Sixth student, Bekah Choraitis has continued her success from the Tycoons Enterprise Challenge, a national competition endorsed by the Peter Jones Foundation, to build her “Becks Beauty Cosmetics” brand. Bekah sells a wide range of vegan and cruelty free cosmetics (flavoured, vegan lip glosses, 4D/5D MINK , cruelty free eyelashes and many more). She said “After the first lockdown, I launched this cosmetics business, beginning preparations in July and launching on August 1st, 2020. Since then, I've taken over 1000 orders from all over the world, and I'm still growing day by day. I actually started this business because I loved makeup and I wanted to know how the real business world worked.”

Instagram : becksbeautycosmetics / Tik Tok : becksbeautycosmetics /


In addition, Upper Sixth student Alice Pollard started her bakery business “Bakes Bloom” to satisfy customer demand for sweet treats. She said “I started the business as I have always loved to bake, so far it has been a great learning experience as I've developed numerous skills that I will love to use in the future. Studying at Sixth Form has definitely helped me so far to plan out lots of the different elements and areas within the business, through different tasks in my course.”

With the International Enterprise Academy starting in September 2021, we look forward to developing more entrepreneurial students in our Sixth Form. Full details of this new venture are available here

Mr Knights

Business Related Studies Co-ordinator

Thank you to Fine & Country

As a result of generous donations of office equipment including monitors, keyboards, laptops, chairs, desks, stationery, notebooks from Fine & Country we have been able to re-style a classroom to provide a central office for the International Enterprise Academy which will launch in September in partnership with the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy.

Ms Earley is this year's Jack Petchey Leader Award Winner

Ms Earley joined this school in 2016 as a part time teacher of French. Although she was appointed as a French specialist, she also has a working knowledge of Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic and Urdu – a real asset to any specialist language college.

Ms Earley leads and manages the International Curriculum of the school, with a clear commitment to the Visits and Exchanges programme which supports this. During the course of an academic year, Ms Earley manages visits to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Russia, South Africa and Switzerland and also oversees the day visits and field trips which occur in this country. These visits build cultural capital, narrow the divide between different students’ opportunities and their possible attainment and develop their linguistic skills in their chosen languages.

Two years ago, she was part of a core group of linguists who encouraged the Headteachers to consider the introduction of the study of Arabic at Anglo European. She negotiated seed funding from the Qatar Foundation and supported the appointment of a new Arabic teacher so that Sixth Form students now have the chance to study this fascinating language and culture.

This year has been notably tough; with the advent of an international pandemic, Ms Earley has had to negotiate flights back to the country when lockdown began, where students were already abroad on long term visits, negotiate financial refunds and insurance claims for cancelled flights, cancelled coaches, cancelled accommodation and day visit claims, theatre visits and hosting costs and dealt with parental concerns and the management of refunds.

In the last two years, Ms Earley had introduced and managed numerous new exchange visits; two in Spain, one work experience placement programme in France, a new Japanese Exchange and a new exchange to Russia.

She is responsible for giving thousands of students an international curriculum and programme of visits and exchanges which changes children’s lives. It broadens their minds, inspires their futures, creates friendships across frontiers and helps them appreciate their own families and what they have at home. Ms Earley’s role is absolutely critical to the international reputation of the school and this is recognised in the Schools’ International Award that is granted to the school every three years without fail. Her visionary insight, incredible organisational skills, linguistic skills, diplomacy and solution-driven approach to leadership means that our students have a privileged and unique educational experience and make Ms Earley a most worthy winner of the Anglo Jack Petchey Leader Award for 2021.

Student News

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Congratulations to our first cohort of Bronze Arts Award Winners

As part of our broader commitment to an outstanding Arts Programme we have introduced Arts

Award to recognise and acknowledge leaders of the Arts in our school. Arts Award is presented by the Arts Council to students who meet challenging criteria which test their creativity, innovation and leadership skills in the Arts. We are proud to say that our first cohort who entered at Bronze Level were all successful in meeting this demanding criteria. Our congratulations go to our first cohort of Bronze Arts Awards winners and we look forward to other Anglo students achieving future Awards in Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Are you being listened to? Do you know there’s an election for young people that will get your voice heard by adults in Essex who make decisions that affect us?

I am Izzy Jack, 10A, your candidate for the Young Essex Assembly online election which opens on Monday 12th April. Candidates are anonymous but I can share my candidate statement, below, that way you know that you are voting for me.

Izzy's candidate statement:

‘Young people must be heard and I will listen. I will focus on LGBTQ+ and making sure people feel valued and safe. The voice of the next generation will be heard as a community!’

Online voting starts on the first day of summer term, Monday 12th April, and the link will be sent out by AES to students as soon as possible.

Remember you won't find my name, but you will find my statement.

Find out about YEA here

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Our next School Production is "Moana"

Students who are interested in auditioning for the next school musical, Moana, should learn the songs "How far I'll Go" and "You're Welcome" - including learning the rap. Further details about the audition process will be distributed after Easter.

International Day

Students shared stories, songs and dance from their home cultures and dressed in their traditional costumes with pride, illustrating the unique nature of our school and its greatest strength: diversity.
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International Day 2021

Cross Country

The fastest times from the inter-form virtual cross-country competition, made up a team of 4 and were entered into a district competition. The most notable results are as follows:

Year 7 Girls: 3rd

Year 8 boys and girls: 4th

Year 9 boys: 3rd

Year 10 girls: 4th

Year 11 boys: 1st

Year 11 girls: 2nd

Once again, thank you for all those who took part. We are looking forward to doing this for real next year.

Sixth Form News

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Sixth Former, Alicia Jones influences the outcomes of the School Uniforms Bill

This time last year, Alicia Jones was on work experience, with the public affairs team from The Children’s Society. She witnessed the work on the school uniform bill which passed its third reading on Friday 12th March. She had some direct influence on the work surrounding this Bill, which is due to become law shortly. We recognise the importance of this opportunity for our students, the impact this has on their personal statements, CVs, interview experience and job opportunities in later life. Although much of this has been a virtual experience this year, the importance of these opportunities cannot be underestimated.

Alicia writes: -

"Last March, days before we were hit with a national lockdown, I was extremely fortunate to be on my Lower Sixth work experience placement with the public affairs team from The Children’s’ Society.

This was an extremely busy week as the team and I were helping to get the costs of School Uniform Bill through its 1st reading. So, my week was filled with speaking to MPs and helping them write speeches and planning media releases for different outlets. However, I think the most amazing opportunity I had was the chance to write the notes that the Speaker of the House of Commons reads before introducing the Bill – something not many people can say they have done.

Fast forward to March 2021, and I can now bring the incredible news that the costs of School Uniform Bill has passed its 3rd reading and is now going through the House of Lords. This means that, within the next year, the Bill will become a law. To have seen the Bill go from nothing to something notable has been incredible and it still blows my mind to think I have helped implement a future law."

Alicia also took part on the Tony Fisher show at BBC Essex


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Charities Week

The Lower Sixth CAS Charities Committee have worked hard to put implement Charities Week. The Year 7 and 8 students had a picnic on the field, we had non-uniform day, spectacular International Day, netball and football tournaments and raised awareness of the students' chosen Anglo charities for this year Little Haven's Hospice, Youngminds, and Greenpeace.

Walk to New York

35 staff and Sixth Form students tracked their activity between 13th February and 13th March to see if we could get as far as the UN Headquarters in New York in a month, to raise awareness of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Our final total of 3,303 miles is far enough to get us just beyond Boston, Massachussetts, so we were very close indeed and were not left floundering in the Atlantic Ocean! We also raised notable funds for Greenpeace via donations from participants, which will be added to the school's Charity Week total. Staff did beat the students, with one staff member clocking up 197.11 miles by bike and another 152! One teacher even managed to walk 35 miles (carefully) with a broken toe! Participants have commented on how good it was to have an excuse to get out into nature for walks and, if they did it again, most said that they would set themselves a higher personal target to reach throughout the month. Thank you to everyone who took part and made a donation. We hope you had fun!

Mrs Porsz and the SDG CAS Group

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Please continue to support the AESA

The AESA continue to work hard to raise much needed funds for the school.

Please continue to support them via the Lottery, buying Adventure Island tickets and using Amazon Smile.

Please visit to find detailed information about how to support the school in 2020-21.

Where are they now?

Anglo Alumnus Shines at online IB Extended Essay Exchange

Our 2020 IB alumnus Jacob Syndercombe was one of 16 IB Diploma students and former students who presented to more than 250 students from different IB World Schools in the inaugural International Extended Essay Exchange online event recently. Our Lower Sixth IB Diploma students attended to listen, along with others from eleven schools from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Russia and the United States of America. Jacob presented his tips on how to succeed in the Extended Essay and then offered advice to students via a break-out room for those interested in pursuing an Extended Essay in a similar subject. He was commended by a teacher from another UK school for being particularly helpful and well-informed. All Anglo students who took part in the event were a credit to our school, asking pertinent questions throughout and many said it was extremely useful as they are starting to embark on the process themselves.

Samuel Peter Almond

We are sad to hear that former student Sam died of a heart attack on 31st July 2017 aged 34. Although he died young, what he achieved in his short life was nothing short of amazing and we would like to share this with you.

After leaving the Anglo he studied Archaeology at Lampeter and graduated in 2004. He then took a master's degree in English teaching at Yale University. He was a member of the British Maritime Archaeological Society and the Royal Art Association. He was fluent in English, French, German, Russian and Mandarin.

He went to China on an exchange visit and decided to stay. He taught at the Shandong Polytechnic University where he became Director of Studies. In 2015 he was awarded the Friendship Award by the Chinese Government for his contribution to the education and development of the Chinese people. ("The People's Republic of China Friendship Award' is China's highest award for 'foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country's economic and social progress').

Ex-student conducting the Guild Hall Orchestra

Chester Tribley student at Guildhall School of Music

Chester Tribley has taken part in the project ( lighting up all the bridges in London, which will be the longest artwork in the world when completed. The Guildhall have been commissioned to write soundtracks for each bridge. Chester chose Blackfriars Bridge, and wrote a piece reflecting the ‘Timeline’ of the Bridge. It is an ambitious and mature work and we are delighted to be able to share a clip from him recently conducting the Guildhall Session Orchestra performing his composition. Mr Barden, Head of Music, is really proud of Chester's exceptional achievements since leaving the school last year.


Although the start date has now passed, there is still availability to join the rest of this course.
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Staff Update

We are sad to say goodbye to Mrs Winnie Cheung (Midday Supervisor) but wish her well with her future careers.

We are fortunate to have Mrs Pellat (SENCO), Mrs Boyles (SEN Assistant), Mrs Hawkridge (SEN Assistant) and Mrs Breuk (SEN Assistant) joining us in April.

Congratulations to Mr Pearce (Webmaster) on the birth of his son, Zachary James Pearce and Mrs Dawton (Head of Humanities) on the birth of her son Henry Charles Goodburn.