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Rites of passage

Bar Mitzvah: A Jewish boy becomes a Bar Mitzvah upon reaching the age of thirteen years. In Jewish customs, there is a ceremony held at the synagogue which welcomes the thirteen year old into Jewish adulthood and essentially initiating his duties and responsibilities as a now adult Jew.

it is custom for the now Jewish adult to prepare a speech either in the synagogue after the Torah reading or at the reception that follows. The purpose of the speech is to encourage the Bar Mitzvah boy in the Jewish tradition of sharing the Torah one has already learned with others.

Bat Mitzvah: A Jewish girl becomes a Bat Mitzvah upon reaching the age of twelve. Much like the boys, the girl must prepare a speech. The speech encourages the Bat Mitzvah girl in the Jewish tradition of sharing the Torah one has learned with others.

In comparison to Christianity these special events are very much similar to Conformation. Both are now fully accepted in their place of worship (Synagogue and Church). The only element that contrasts is the fact that the Jewish children are now accepted into adulthood.

Everyday Life of A Jew and their practices (Branch/Division included)

Depending on the type of Branch, Orthodox, Reform or conservative you may have different practices and beliefs.

An Orthodox Jew, will follow all the laws of the Old Testament. They also have strict dietary laws which can be called Kosher laws. According to these Kosher laws, Jews must not eat foods such as shellfish and pork. Everyday Orthodox Jews will dress modestly all the time with respectable clothing. Orthodox Jews also Practice prayers every day. The prayer is in Hebrew.

Reform Jews do not follow the Laws of the Old Testament. They believe the laws themselves are outdated. The Kosher laws are not followed; they allow themselves to eat shellfish and pork with conflict. Reform Jews do not have a dress code, they dress up how a normal person would dress up in society. The Sabbath day for reform Jews is kept holy. On the Sabbath day itself reform Jews would worship in the Synagogue.

Conservative Jews follow only a limited capacity of the laws given in the Old Testament. The Kosher laws are only followed on special occasions. Conservative Jews only dress modestly when they go to the Synagogue to worship. Conservative Jews (Much like the Reforms) will attend the Synagogue on Sabbath day, once a week. Prayers are said in Hebrew.

In relation to Christianity, the Kosher law can be in relation to good Friday. On the day of good Friday all Christians are forbidden to eat any meat. Much like the Jews, on a particular day of the year (depending on the type of Branch) Jews will be given restrictions on the foods they can and should not eat.

What is their View in God?

Their view in God is no different then what we Christians believe. There is only one God , which connected to the right terminology mean Monotheism. They believe that God created everything that we see in our world today - the moon, stars, sun, planets and most importantly us.

The only difference is they do not believe Jesus was the prophet, they believe that there is one on the way.

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Jewish Holidays!

Shavuot: This holiday celebrates the renewal of acceptance of God's gift of the Torah. This Holiday occurs seven weeks between the Passover and Shavuot. Women + girls light holiday candles on 1st and 2nd evening. They stay up all night learning more of the Torah on the first night. Men, women and children go to the Synagogue on the first day to hear the Ten Commandments. During the holiday Jews eat Dairy foods such as- Blintz, cheesecake and cheese-pie.

Hanukkah: This holiday celebrates triumph of light over darkness (Good vs Evil). A small group of Jewish people defeated one mighty army and drove the Greeks from Jerusalem and were able to reclaim their holy temple. Hanukkah lasts for 8 nights. Jews light candles on a Menorah.