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Located: Virginia

Area: 21 acres

History: Here to Now

1602: Captain Bartholomew Gosnold and others voyage out the New England coast.

1603: Captain Bartholomew and four others voyage to Chesapeake Bay and are killed by Indians.

April 26, 1607: The three ships arrive in the Chesapeake Bay.

May 26, 1607: 200 armed Indians attacked Jamestowne only killing 2 and wounding 11

( the harassment continued ... )

1611: John Rolfe experiments with growing tobacco seeds from Bermuda.

1612: King James renews the Virginia Company and gives it more governance.

1612: The English colonized Bermuda.

1612: John Rolfe exports first crop of improved tobacco.

April 1613: Pocahontas is kidnapped form the Indian village by Captain Samuel Argall and was brought to Jamestowne. ( that is where John and Pocahontas meet )

April 5, 1614: John Rolfe and Pocahontas ( Rebecca )- English name get married in Jamestowne.

June 1616: The Virginia Company's system was giving 50 acres to anyone who would pay fare and 50 additional acres for each person brought with them. Why ? This encourages settlement and lays down the economic basics for the system to legal slavery.

May 24,1624: The Virginia Company loses its charter because of mismanagement and Virginia is now a royal colony.

March 27, 1625: King James dies, and his son Charles the I allows all the Virginia people to keep their assembly.

And these are just a couple... Interested in learning more ?

Now... Williamsburg is open for anyone to experience. They now have everything open and people telling you all the great things that happened on the Jamestowne land and why it is so important today.

Important People:

Fun Fact: Jamestowne was the capital of Virginia until 1699, now it is Williamsburg

Questions ?

Why should I choose Jamestowne ?

It is surrounded by water on three sides ( no it was not an island )

The water was so deep that the English would just park their ships at the shoreline, and it would be easier to get on and off the ship.

It was far inland.

It was protected so that if the Spanish were to ever attack.

Who was the first permanent settlement for the English ?

Jamestowne, people think that Plymouth Massachusetts was, but it was not.

Virginia was founded in: 1607

Massachusetts ( Plymouth) was founded in: 1620

When did the first African decent arrive at Jamestowne ?

The first documented African arriving in Virginia was 1619, but there is not special date as to when they were enslaved.