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Week Ahead October 17-21, 2016

Thanks to everyone for a great week - lots is happening at BPS! We appreciate the ability of staff to jump in and support when there is help needed and this week was no exception. Thank you to staff who responded and ensured the safety of everyone on Thursday when there was a suspicious smell - please see letter that was sent home posted in Bath 0365 area. Thank you to Treena and Heather for helping to get this letter out to students before the end of the day. Congratulations to our first aiders for completing their training this week - have a peek at some photos below!

Have you had a look at the guidance the snoolin room - if not go and have a peek. Many thanks go to Jean and Treena for their time and energy to make this a place that all students can use to calm down or have a quiet place to work.

Thanks for a great first recognition assembly! The looks on students' faces was truly rewarding and families were thrilled and so grateful for this opportunity and memory:) Go Knights' PRIDE!!

Have an excellent weekend...time to find those socks!

Below are some information updates for us:

IEPs will go home on Oct. 18, thank you for your hard work on these documents and to Brendhon and April for their support of this process.

In School Team - As you have been working to assess where your students are you may feel that some require accomodations and/or modifications in various curricular areas. If your evidence is showing that this is the case, please first connect with the in school team for Spec. Ed. (SST, admin., other staff who work with the student) In some cases outside agencies or Board level staff through Ed. Services will need to be involved prior to making changes to IEPs or initiating a new IEP. Parents are also an necessary part of this team and should be involved in conversations and decisions prior to changes being made to programming. Please start by consulting the in school team, please let us know if you have any questions, thank you for all that you do to support kids.

Clear and consistent communication is one of the biggest challenges in what we do everyday. Please ensure that you are sharing information with all who are affected about upcoming events in classrooms and in the school so that we can all be more in the loop. This is a constant area of growth for me and as previously shared - if you have questions please ask, thanks.

Please remember to submit the record of your safety training to my mailbox if you have not yet done so, thanks.

Below is a list of staff meeting dates for the 16/17 school year - meetings will be on Mondays as this was preferred by most staff.

November 7

December 5

January 16

February 13

March 6

April 3

May 8

Week ahead for October 17-21, 2016

Monday, October 17

Day 4

April to AI a.m.


Tuesday, October 18

Day 4

IEPs sent home, Brigid meeting @ Odessa 3pm

Wednesday, October 19

Day 5

Supervising Principal Alison McDonnell @ BPS 8:30 am, 10:30 ferry to AIPS

Katie math PD

Thursday, October 20

Day 1

Friday, October 21

Day 2

Here's what's coming up -

Monday, October 24 Day 3 -

Tuesday, October 25 Day 4 -Brigid to Principal meeting am with Katie and Theone, DPA leader training - gym closed, Brigid meeting @ Odessa 2pm

Wednesday, October 26 Day 5 - April to VP meeting am with Jenn M. and Cindy, Gym closed for performance 'A New Canadian Kid' (grades 4-8) first block

Thursday, October 27 Day 1 - Grade 7/8 vaccinations

Friday, October 28 - PA Day

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