April 2015

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What happened this month in the LMC?

Technology Tip - Lino

Simply put, Lino allows users to create online sticky notes. These notes are posted to a web-based canvas and allows users to post words, photos, links, and video. Users can create an unlimited number of canvases and can share the link of the canvas or just a particular sticky note.

How can Lino be used in the classroom?

  • Build participation: Students can share ideas and the teacher and/or other students can respond to their posts by providing feedback or posing questions.
  • Collaboration and sharing: Students can create a canvas and share it only with a small group.
  • Checking for understanding: Users are notified when someone posts on their canvas, so teachers can provide immediate feedback.

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Lunch & Learn Recap

To learn more visit our library website for the full presentation OR contact Jill and Susan.