Jake and Lily

By: Jerry Spinelli

A Twintastic Story

A Book Report by Daniela Zamora

Jake and Lily

Jake and lily are best friends for ever and twins! They do everything together and they love each other so much, but when Jake starts hanging out with they 're neighbor Bump they start to drift apart. Every day Jake goes off to hang out with the Death Rays and Lily sits and home and feels sorry for herself. Will Jake and Lily ever be reunited again?


Jake and his friends hang out together every day. They do every thing that normal teenage boys do, except for finding goobers. A goober is anyone that does anything abnormal. For example, if they walk weird or talk differently or if they are too nice then they are considered goobers. So one morning Bump shows the boys a SUPERGOOBER! It was a boy named Ernie building a lopsided tree house in his front yard. He was very nice and when the boys were making fun of him, he thought he had real friends. Jake started to feel bad for him but Bump didn't. Will Jake stand up for Ernie?


Lily could not get over her Goombla- what Jake and Lily call their twin power. They used to be able to know what the other one was doing just buy senses. They knew if the other was in trouble or hurt or if they needed help. But when Jake stops hanging out with her they lose their Goombla! Lily cant stop worrying about it and she can't get over it. Her grandfather is trying to help her find a friend but nothing is working! So, when Lily meets a new girl- Sydney-walking with her brother is it the BFF she was looking for?


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