Coppell Judicial Municipal Court

Today's News November 5th

Today the students of Public Services at Coppell High School made a trip to the Coppell Court. There the students were given a tour of the building . The students were able to ask questions and gain knowledge about the court.

The people of the Court

First is the judge, who everyone should know, the judge is the one that decides the final verdict of the case taking place. Next is the juvenile case manager who supervises youth under 18 who have been charged with a crime. Then comes the marshals who are the "protectors" of the court. They manage everything that goes on in the court and makes sure everything goes smooth. There is also the clerks who take care of everything that goes on in the court and takes care of the paperwork.

A Police's Man Job in Coppell

You would think that a police man mostly arrests people, but that is not all they do and arresting people is a small part of their job. The police of Coppell are only allowed to arrest people in the city of Coppell. The police men arrest people with warrants who haven't paid a fine or who haven't gone to court when they were instructed to. A police man's job happens mostly in his office when he is writing essays on everything that went down at the arrest. This may seem boring because it can take up to 6 hours to complete but it is very important. It's important that this is done well because if a police man leaves any evidence out in his essays he is prohibited to use it in court.

Fun Facts

1. You have to be 10 years of age to be in court.

2. Once you are 17 you are considered an adult in the court house.

3. There is no jail in the city of Coppell.

4. There are 3 judges and 3 marshals in the Coppell Municipal Court.

5. The jury is made up of six people.

6. The court only keeps cases for five years.

8. In the Coppell Municipal the defendant is able to defend themselves.

9. Rosie is the boss of the Coppell Municipal Court.

10. The clerks office is the "face of the court" because they are seen most.