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Brooklyn Park Elementary December 2019

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Our Mission and Vision at BPES:

Mission: Rigorous instruction, engaging experiences, positive relationships, no exceptions.

Vision: With the collaborative support of our families, staff and community, Brooklyn Park Elementary will be a school of excellence focused on the academic and social needs of ALL students.

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Mr. Walker's Message

I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing Thanksgiving Break. Although I enjoy the food and football, I enjoyed time with family and relaxing. As we transition to December and 2020( hard to believe) I want to provide some updates and reminders:

Penny Wars for Chromebooks

We are going to collect donations to purchase additional Chromebooks. Our goal is to purchase an additional five before next school year. More information to follow.

Supporting Our Community

The holidays are a time to reflect and support our community. Later this month we will announce how we will support those in our community that need additional support. If your family needs support during the holiday season, please contact Aileen Selznick, Guidance Counselor @

Below I attached an article about teaching our kids to be grateful. This time of year, we need to be thankful for what we have. Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year..


From: Huffpost

How To Raise Grateful Kids

Mrs. Chisholm's News!

December PBIS News

During December there are many ways to prepare for holidays and celebrate family traditions. In my family, we get a Christmas Tree and make cookies. Ms. Selznick’s family puts up a Menorah and celebrates the season of lights. Gift giving and thinking of others is also a tradition of this season. At school we will have 2 sock trees set up. One in the lobby and one near the stairs. As you are starting your holiday shopping, please consider buying an extra pair of socks for the homeless. Let’s cover those trees with new socks!

Enjoy the season!


Upcoming events:

December 2 BPES Spirit Wear

December 3 Crazy Sock Day

December 5 AACPS Kindness Day-Wear orange

December 9 BPES Spirit Wear

December 16 BPES Spirit Wear

December 17 Crazy Sock Day

December 18 Crazy Hair Day

December 19 Story Book Character Day

December 20 Ugly Sweater Day

(If you are able to help with an event, please contact me at or call school at 410 222 6590.)

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Attendance Matters

Attendance matters.

Please bring your child to school every day! If your child is sick, please send him/ her back to school with a note. If your child is out for 3 consecutive days, he/she needs a note from a doctor.

November Attendance Percentages















Employee of the Month!

December’s Employee of the Month is Special Education Teacher, Gabby Moraniec! Here’s what her co-workers have to say about her:

Gabby plans lessons to meet the needs for her students. She is always willing to offer support on how to modify a lesson for any student. She attends after school functions and demonstrates school spirit too. She shows the students that they are truly important to her. Gabby is always striving to create fun, engaging activities for her students. She is supportive and compassionate towards her coworkers. She does her best to create relationships with her students and always keeps a smile on her face!

Thank you, Ms. Moraniec, for all you do for your students at BPES! Thank you for supporting the staff too!

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December Important Dates

5 Two-hour early dismissal

13 Interims to go home

17 Winter Concert 6:00 p.m. at the Chesapeake Arts Center

22 Happy Hanukkah

23 January 1 Christmas/Winter Break

25 Merry Christmas

Jan. 2 School Opens

PTA Happenings!

November 18 through December 5 Fisher's Popcorn Fundraiser/Money due on Dec. 6

December 9-13 Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe (students will shop gifts with their teacher)

December 14 Lunch with Santa 12:00-3:00

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Band and Strings Winter Concert

The 4th and 5th grade band and strings winter concert is fast approaching! Concert letters have gone home. Their concert is December 17th at 6:00 pm at the Chesapeake Arts Center.

The 3rd grade strings concert is on January 15th. Concert letters have gone home for that as well. Their concert will be at Brooklyn Park Elementary.

Please be sure to turn in the order form for the concert t-shirts if your child needs one.

Classroom News!


Happy December! We had a fantastic November with many amazing experiences and opportunities for our youngest learners. With the help of our families donations, we explored pumpkins inside and out to help us learned through our five senses and about measuring. Thanks to all who donated! We began to learn about our community and community helpers. Our students were able to dig a little deeper with wonderful presentations by local firefighters and police officers.

This month, we will begin to learn about Health and Nutrition. Our students will learn about ways to stay healthy through cleanliness, food, and exercise. We will learned the letters Oo, Cc, Ee, and Yy. In math, we will focus on counting objects up to five, matching a numeral with a set of objects, and writing numbers 0-5.

As the weather is getting cooler, please remember that we go outside daily (as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees). Please be sure your child has appropriate clothing to play outside. We are working on zipping and putting coats on independently. If you could work on this at home, we would really appreciate it! Additionally, please make sure your child has a clean change of clothes at school that is appropriate for the weather.


We are so excited for our December 11th trip to Down's Park! Please be on the lookout for more information about this trip. Students will be exploring trees and why they are so important to the animals, but also to us! During the month of December we will explore different types of transportation in Social Studies. In Math we will talk about sorting, practice counting to 51 and writing numerals to 15. Language Arts will have us practicing more sight words, as well as identifying beginning sounds in words. Please practice zipping coats and putting gloves/mittens on with your child, because we try to get outside as much as the weather will allow, for recess!

First Grade

First graders have been busy! They have been working on problem-solving and being resourceful. This month, students will learn about animal and plant traits, and how to categorize based on traits. They will also explore about culture and different cultural influences. Students are continuing to learn about place value and use that understanding to solve problems and compare numbers. In writing, students are writing informational texts that teach readers about a certain topic. Students are expected to use conventions in their writing. This includes correct capitalization, punctuation, neat handwriting, and using strategies to spell their words. In reading, students are continuing to meet in small groups for Guided Reading. Students are answering questions about the text. These include questions that challenge students to analyze, interpret, and infer. Practice asking questions at home such as, "How would you describe this character? Why?", "What do you think will happen next? Why?", "How is this similar to (another book) and/or different than (another book)?" We wish you a great Winter Break and holiday season, and look forward to a fantastic start to 2020!

Second Grade

I hope everyone had a relaxing and rejuvenating Thanksgiving break! During the month of December in math we will be continuing to work with place value up to the hundreds. We will also be starting to identify and count money. In writing, we will be conducting research using online databases and informational texts. Please continue to practice using punctuation and capitalization, as well as using neat handwriting with your child at home. We are continuing to read fiction and non-fiction texts during reading. Small group instruction uses the students’ instructional level, while other activities such as Explicit Comprehension and Interactive Read Aloud involve on-grade level texts. Please continue to have your child read every night for at least 20 minutes and have them fill out their Book-It calendars. As always thank you for your support at home, we are a family at BPES and we all are doing great things for our children!

Third Grade

Math: Please continue to practice multiplication facts nightly! Multiplication is needed throughout 3rd grade and continues heavily in 4th and 5th Grades. In the month of December we will be discussing fractions in order to accurately measure items to the nearest whole inch, half inch, or quarter inch. They will begin to understand that they can measure length more precisely through using parts of units (halves and fourths). They will represent fractions on a number line and make the connection between a number line and a ruler in order to build a context for using the number line as a measurement tool.

Reading: The holidays are upon us! Your child visits the media center each week and has the opportunity to select books of their choice to read for enjoyment and practice the reading skills they are learning during their Guided Reading lessons. Encourage your child to select at least one holiday book each week and share the books they select with you. This is a great way to compare and contrast different cultures and holiday traditions.

Social Studies: Students will continue to be learning about people in their community. We will be sharing information about our own culture and learning about new ones. Students will begin exploring how communities borrow and share from other cultures including food, birthday celebrations and holidays. Students will also begin researching a country of interest to participate in an "International Fair".

Writing: Students will be continuing to write about a topic they are an expert on. They have begun focusing on one part of a larger topic and will begin researching information to check for accuracy of facts they already know. By the end of the marking period, writers will have a book written with a Table of Contents and multiple chapters on a topic.

Fourth Grade

Greetings from 4th grade!!

The holidays are upon us which means that brings cold weather. Please make sure that your child is coming to school with a winter coat, hat and gloves when it gets colder. Per the AACPS policy we do go outside if the temp is above 32 degrees for a few minutes to get some fresh air, the kids need that breathe of fresh air throughout their day of learning! That being said, if you need assistance with gloves, hats or coats please contact your child's teacher and we will work with Ms. Selznick and Ms. Wells and get your child these items!

Math brings Measurement and Conversions of Measurement this month. A good practice is asking them to help in the kitchen. Recipes are a perfect way to practice these. Doubling recipes, converting ounces to cups, etc. are perfect ways to practice in the home. The rest of this marking period will contain these topics as well as using the four operations to solve word problems regarding measurements. It is imperative that your child practice their facts nightly. We will be sending home a Winter Break homework packet that your child will be rewarded for completing. Please encourage your child to practice skills over break so that they do not lose what they have learned!

Language Arts will remain in the non-fiction genre. We will be reading several texts together that discuss Slavery and the road to the Civil War which we will pick up discussion in Social Studies. We will be analyzing sources and gathering sources to compile informational writings. We will be also choosing a wide range of topics to research that includes animal research and a biography research.

Social Studies will take us through the establishing of Maryland from a colony to a state. We will really dive in and discover Maryland's rich heritage and history. Science has concluded for this Marking Period and will pick up back in Marking Period 3.

Again, we enjoy our time with your children and look forward to this month with your child. If you need anything please do not hesitate to contact us!

Ms. Nauman, Mrs. Bonaparte and Ms. Phelps

Fifth Grade

Drownproofing will be December 17th to the 20th. Students will be wearing their bathsuits under their school clothes each day. Please make sure that your child leaves home each morning with clean underwear to change into after the pool instruction is finished. They will also need 2 dry towels each day. More information will be coming home as the dates get closer. Permission slips and emergency information are due no later than December 9th. They can always be turned in before that date. Fifth grade will be continuing to study operations with decimals in December. Please insure that your child completes their homework each week. It directly reflects the skills that they should be mastering.

Physical Education

In November, students wrapped up their soccer skills unit and began gymnastics. Students in all grades worked on their balance, strength, and weight transfer through animal walks, stunts, rolling, jumping, and balance activities. Students in the primary grades completed their unit by participating in a gymnastics obstacle course while older students created and performed their own original gymnastics sequences.

In December, students will be participating in a Cardio Drumming unit. They will use yoga balls, buckets, and rhythm sticks to drum along with popular songs from the radio as well as create their own rhythms and patterns.

Art Room

Thank you to everyone who bought keepsakes from our Square 1 Art fundraiser! The proceeds will help us buy needed art materials like paper and paint so your child can continue being creative! The orders should be in right before Winter Break. I will post a DOJO message with more information on take-home/pick-up logistics.

The art room is a place for children to safely express themselves. Sometimes that comes with getting a little messy. Please be mindful that accidents happen such as paint spills and splatters. Although most of what we use is washable and we do out best to be neat, it’s still a good practice to send your children with clothing that is OK if it gets a bit messy. Thank you!!! – Mrs. Perkins