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Jesse and Holden

Young Georgia Girl Murdered!

Leo Frank and Jim Conley are the lead suspect in the murder case of Mary Phagan. Mary was last seen in the Pencil Factory receiving her weekly pay. Leo Frank is now awaiting to decide if he is hung or sentenced to life in prison. Prosecutor Hugh Dorsey consults with Primary Witness Jim Conley.

The Day of the Trial

Saturday, July 26th 1913 at 12pm

Cobb County, GA, United States


Coca Cola

Enjoy Your Delicious Bottle of Coca-Cola For Only 5 Cents A Bottle.
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The Zipper!

Thursday, Jan. 16th 1913 at 12am


1913 – Gideon Sundback invented the modern zipper.

An engineer named Whitcomb Judson patented this item and intended it to replace the hook and eye shoelaces so prevalent in the late 19th century. The clasp-locker device resembled two small chains of alternating hook and eye locks. Twenty years later, in 1913, another engineer, Gideon Sundback, modified Judson’s idea. Renamed it to “hookless fastener”, this device could be attached not only to boots, but also to clothing and purses.

Women's Right Movement

1913, Women continue to protest that they should be able to vote and have as many rights as men do. So far their efforts have seemed to be futile.
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Mercer Raceabout

New car again demonstrated to the claim this vehicle. All you have to do is win 3 races
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