General Information

Apollo was the son of Zues, and the twin brother of Artemis. He was the God of music, and was often depicted playing a golden lyre. He is also known as the archer, far shooting with a silver bow, the god of healing, giving the science of medicine to man; the god of light, and the god of truth. His most important daily task was pulling the sun around the world on his four horse chariot.


Apollo is a very buff man who wears little or no clothes. He has very long, golden, slightly curly hair that is sometimes kept in a ponytail.


Background stories

When Apollo was four he killed a dragon called python to take revenge for Hera tormenting his mother. In doing so he takes back the city Delphi. One time, Athena once made a magic flute that made her cheeks big but played beautiful music.The goddesses all laugh at her so she put a curse on it and trow it in the pond. A guy named Marsyas came and played it and he said he can play better music than Apollo. So he challenged him to music battle judged by Apollo's nine musses. They both played equally as well until Apollo said to play their instruments up side down. Apollo won because you cant play a flute upside down. It teaches that people shouldn't challenge gods.

Modern day Connections

obviously, Apollo is the name of the series of missions that NASA to get Americans to the moon.They are named after him because he named mythical space flights for gods.

There is a theatre in New York called the ,you guessed it, the Apollo.It is a music hall known for African american performers.