Friday River Launch (brief)

March 20, 2020

Distance Learning- Week 1

Thank you Rio Norte, for your hard work, care and dedication to our Rio students this week! Yesterday we sent an email home to students who have not turned anything in this week, and we will send another email today. We will also begin calling families to encourage students to begin completing assignments. Some of our struggling learners need more guidance to figure this out!

Thank you to Ron for setting up our first virtual faculty meeting and breakout department meetings this morning. Thank you to Lisa James who spent hours helping Karina so her students were ready to go! Thank you, Thomas for preparing another batch of Chromebooks to deliver today!

Free drive through lunch distribution will take place at Rio from 12-1pm every day for the next three weeks. School personnel who are delivering food, and making sure distance learning continues are exempt from the stay at home orders.

If you have been following news of other districts across the country, our district has done an excellent job with this situation. We went to online learning in a week, we are distributing Chromebooks and meals, and we are working to keep in compliance with IEPs and EL students. I think it's fantastic our students have assignments to work on during this time period. Ten or twelve hours of video games or Instagram a day isn't healthy for students.


Resilience is finding creative ways to change lesson plans into online lessons

Resilience is learning new technology close to retirement

Resilience is emailing students who haven't turned in any assignments yet

Resilience is giving students virtual feedback on their writing to help them grow

Resilience is returning emails from students who should know to use Google Classroom

Resilience is letting go of grading practices that have guided decisions for years

Resilience is explaining directions that already seem simple enough for a small child

Resilience is changing plans, grading and lessons to fit district guidelines

Resilience is creating lessons for subjects that are not easily virtual

Resilience is staying active with the gym closed

Resilience is keeping a sense of purpose and fulfillment without a place to go everyday

Resilience is holding on to hope and refusing to live with fear

Resilience is finding ways to connect with people to keep our sanity

We are receiving a lot of positive feedback on how the first two days went! Keep up the great work, Rio! Whether it's in person or virtual, teaching is hard work, as many of our parents are finding out this week! :)

Stay safe and at peace.

With Gratitude,

♥ Audrey

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