The Lion and the Mouse

By: Thomasina Dinehdeal


The book is about a mouse that happens to run into the hands of a lion. The lion is about to the eat the mouse until the mouse squeaked and the lion let the mouse go and ran toward her offspring. One day the lion got caught in a trap and did not know who to call to for help, so what is to become of the lion? This a deep analysis of the book The Lion and the Mouse. While doing this research, there are some elements that I didn't know had an impact on the reader.

Literary Elements

How are literary elements (plot, character, setting, theme, and style) reflected in the illustrations?

The illustrations show that the theme and setting takes place in the African Serengeti. The characters are wildlife animals. The illustration show a perfect example of two rising plots. The first rising plot is when the mouse is approaching the lion and second, is when the lion's paw steps into a trap. The characters has a lot of details added to them through their facial expressions that the illustrator has added. For example, when the lion grabbed the mouse by the tail the mouse had an expression that she was taken by a surprise when the lion grabbed her.

Physical Features

(size, shape, cover, endpaper, front matters, and paper) contribute to a meaningful experience of the book?

The front cover of the book shows the lion glancing to the left side and at the back of the book the mouse is looking toward the front of the book at the lion. The front and the back cover show both of the animals looking at each other as if who is going to win at the end of the story. This contribute a meaningful experience because it is going to be a journey between the lion and the mouse. The size of the book also contributes meaning because there are enough details in the illustrations, and if there weren't enough space, meaning if the book were not large enough, the experience would not the be the same. If the book were smaller, there would not be enough details as there is now.

Visual Elements

Analyze your book’s visual elements (line, color, shape, texture, composition, point of view, distance). Choose several pages to analyze in great detail. How do the visual elements contribute to the overall meaning of the picture book?

The illustrator uses the 3/4 rule by having the picture set off to the side. While looking at the page, I can sense movement by seeing the lion release the mouse and the mouse leaving his hand. Also how the bushes that surround them seems like it's flowing because of the breeze. The illustrator used warm colors, than using obnoxious colors, that are pleasing to the eye. With these elements combined is creates a meaningful experience and lesson. These elements combined create the overall lesson of treating others the way you want to be treated.

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Artistic Style

Analyze your book for its artistic style (realistic, impressionistic, expressionistic, abstract, surrealistic, folk or naïve, or cartoon). How does the style contribute to the overall meaning of the picture book?

The artistic style of the book is realistic because there are illustrations in the book that we would be able to see and touch. The illustrations makes it seem like your there and experiencing what they're experiencing by having no text, but just texts of sounds. These text of sounds evokes the hearing sense and creates an images in the readers mind that there are experiencing what the author wanted the reader to experience. Also, with the realistic images, it creates a meaningful experience knowing that these events could take place.

Artistic Media

Research & analyze your book for its use of artistic media (pen and ink, pastels, graphite pencils, color pencils, wax crayons, collages, woodcuts, photographs, oil paints, gouache, or watercolors). How does the use of media contribute to the overall meaning of the picture book?

The watercolors of the illustration brings a lot of details to the story. The artist blends different colors to get the right color that will have an affect on the reader. The illustrator uses colors that would be found in the Serengeti. The blending of colors affects the readers experience, so it important on the color choices. It creates a calm feeling with about having any sharp, edgy drawings.

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Elements of illustration

Analyze your book for its use of the following elements of illustration: framing, arrangement, narrative sequence, and page turns. How do they contribute to the overall meaning of the picturebook?

The narrative sequence and the page turns of the book go well together. Although there is no text the narrative sequence flows by turning the pages. At the bottom, they are examples of the experience of page turns. As you turn the pages it tells the story rather than have text to describe what is happening. Also, this allows the reader to use their imagination on what is going to happen on the next page. In the first image it has an owl that is ready to grab the mouse, but the mouse goes into a hole in the tree that and comes out of the tree in the page. While looking at this, I imagined the mouse running through the tree very terrified that she is going to be caught.

Interplay of text and illustration

How does the text and illustrations work together in concert to create meaning?

Although there is no text, the book still illustrates meaning that the reader could take away at the end. The reader would realize that when you treat others with kindness, you will receive kindness from others. In other words, treat others the way you want to be treated. The interplay between and text and images play an important role in relaying information to the reader. When there is a scene that is described in the book, there is a picture that supports that text, although in this book there is no text. Which makes it unique because you would have to use your imagination to figure out what is happening.


I found this book to be interesting because of the fact that there was no text and that I was able to understand what was happening by just looking at the expression of the animals. All the elements that a picture book posses, creates a meaningful experience for the reader. Without these elements there would not be a story. In the end these two different and unlikely animals realize that the act of kindness should never be wasted. This should be relayed over to children because this an important lesson that children need to learn and understand as they are growing up.
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