severe weather

By:Doryan Grace Boone Albrecht


Hurricanes are

A hurricane is a large storm that forms over warm ocean water. It has winds that blow in a circular motion around the eye. Hurricanes can have winds up to 155 mph that's catogory five for them. Hurricanes can make tornado's. Some examples are high winds can blow over tree's,power lines and even buildings,very heavy precipitation can flood area's,waves can damage the coastal area these are sometimes called storm surges.

WOW Facts!!

Hurricanes actually help the earth. Sometimes they are called cyclones or tycoons. The weather under the eye of the hurricane is actually calm and O.K . Hurricanes lose there strength once on land awhile.

Safty tips

Board up windows stay inside a SMALL ROOM or safe room if you have one,KEEP WATER OFF!! why? Storms can come through the pipe's and hurt or kill someone, go closer to the other states or move inland if you are in the coast.


Tornado's are

Tornado's are a small funnel shaped clouds that are usually caused by unstable winds, severe thunderstorms,and the water temperature is over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

WOW Facts!!

Most Tornado's happen in the winter and spring. Sometimes they are called vortexes cyclones or twisters.

Saftey tips

Find a safe place away from windows if you can't find shelter lie flat in a ditch. Tornado's they just keep going straight they don't dip down so they can go right over you if you lie flat.


Thunderstorms are

A thunderstorm is a storm with thunder,lightning,heavy rain,and strong winds. Pronunciation: (thun'dur-stôrm"), [key]
a transient storm of lightning and thunder, usually with rain and gusty winds, sometimes with hail or snow, produced by cumulonimbus clouds. Also called electrical storm. Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease

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Wow Facts!!

Thunderstorms come from rising air which is called convection. There are more thunderstorms near the equator because they need warm air to grow. Lightning can be hotter than the sun.

Saftey Tips

Stay inside if possible except mobile homes. If you can't find a sturdy shelter find somewhere safe and don't trap yourself if you go into a drainage area then you'll get drownded so don't go in drainage area's. Stay out of water.