The Dangerous Ground


Sea Floor Spreading

Sea floor spreading is ocean rifts that continuously spew out magma. It slowly lets out new material moving like conveyor belts pushing the continents with it. The theory of continental drift was dismissed but there was a lot of evidence. Such as a mountain rang in Africa that lines up with south america. There were also species of animals and plants found on whole other continents as they were originally founded. There are the kinds of plate boundaries Divergent, Convergent, and Transform. Divergent boundaries repel Convergent come together and transform go back and forth.

Natural Destruction


The three types of erosion are wind, water, and ice. Erosion is when natural forces effect the face of the earth. Like when water gets in to cracks in rocks and when it freezes it expands and breaks the rock. The strongest type of erosion is water. The weakest is wind even though it can do a lot of damage.


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Rocks and minerals

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Rock Cycle

The rock cycle starts with sedimentary. It travels down stream and slowly forms rocks. The rocks then form the riverbed. As lave goes up cracks the the sedimentary rocks form metamorphic under heat and pressure. It then melts down and flows t volcanoes where the erupt. ounce the lave cools it forms igneous rocks. After the ignitions is cool it is broke apart by erosion and sediments fall into the river starting the cycle again.


I enjoyed learning about the way different rocks are made, and how they are effected by the fores of nature.