HenrysFreedomBox vs.WilmaUnlimited


Comparing And Contrasting Charecters

These books are similar and different. The books charecters both had dreams that they wanted to accomplish and they had some hard challenges, but they were sucsessful in the end. The difference between the charecters is that Henry in my opinion had more difficult challenges like when he had to burn his hand with acid just to get out of work and the fact that there was still slavery going on at this time. In Wilma Unlimited she was living through a time were there was just not equality and not as much slavery.

Comparing And Contrasting Settings

These stories both have a setting in a time period were blacks were not treated as fair as whites. A difference between the two is that in the time of this story in Henry's Freedom Box I belive that this was in a later period of time then Wilma Unlimited because of the fact that Henry was working for whites and he was seperated from his family. Wilma on the other hand was able to keep all her brothers, sisters, and both of her parents.

Comparing And Contrasting The Plot

I think both plots are similar because they showed some challenges that they had to face as they accomplished there dreams.Wilma Unlimited was a story about how a girl had polio and faced her challenges to become the "World's Fastest Women". Henry on the other hand accomplished something were other people followed what he did to be free.