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The river in the civilization is the Huang He river. The soil deposited rich fertile nutrients that turn the river yellow. The floods were dangerous and happened every year.


They irrigated their land with silt.Silt is a mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks.

Written language

Writing was created to keep business records.They write in pictographs and ideograms.

Political System

The social hierarchy is slaves,farmers,skilled people,priest, king. The ruler is the king.They determine the ruler by family. The rulers were from the same family.


They created a road system of travel.They also created statues and epics.
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The Religion is Confucianism. It says that you should respect everybody.It is found by the Zhou dynasty.Their religion is a way of life.The second religion is a Philosophy. It's found by Siddhartha Gautama. Buddhism says that desire is the cause of suffering.
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