Pearl Harbor

The battle that brought America into WW11

December 7 1941 a Japanese Navel Fleet attacked Pearl Harbor and killed over 2,400 people. This battle led to, Americans declaring war on Japan, and the downfall of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Even though the allies won there was still millions of killed and wounded soldiers on both sides. My great grandfather survived the attack on Pearl Harbor, but he died before I was born. I wish he were alive today because I would like to see him In person and I would like to talk to him about the battle and what happened around him when it was going on.



* "Franklin.D Roosevelt was the president during the Pearl Harbor attack." (Pearl Harbor book)

* "when the Arizona sunk it took 1300 lives with it."(eyewitness to

* "The surviving American fleet formed in American response that led to a victory at the battle of Midway."(eyewitness to

* "at the battle of Pearl Harbor the Oklahoma capsized by a powerful torpedo hit to the side."(Wikipedia)

* "after the United States declared war on the empire of Japan Germany and Italy declared war on the United States."(Wikipedia)


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