The After Effects of Marijauna

How it can ruin your future

Cannabis and its health risks

Basically, Marijuana comes from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. There is an embedded active ingredient called THC, which causes people to get high most of the time. Although people use it in everyday foods like cookies, teas, brownies ,lollipops, or even to inhale its vapor, just to get a little relaxation out of their stressful lives, it will always affect every organ in your body including you immune and nervous system.

For first time users, the THC will break down into there stomach, which will give them the feeling high sensation but, the effects will soon disappear after 3-4 hours. However, the more you start to use it, it can increase your heart rate, will can lead to you having a heart attack every time you smoke it. scientists still don't know if it leads to lung cancer but, it does irritate your lungs, which is why people can have an on-going cough and chest related issues , like chest colds, or even a lung infection.

Aside from physical symptoms, marijuana can cause mental type symptoms as well, like random thinking, paranoia, anxiety, and depression, these types of effects can affect relationships with families or friends. What people don't realize is after a while using Cannabis, it can affect brain development. Especially when used by teenagers, it can reduce thinking , slowing their learning process in school. In a recent study, those who started smoking marijuana in their teens, lost an average of 8 IQ points between the ages of 13 and 38, and those mental abilities never returned to them when they quit smoking as adults.

These are the reasons why people shouldn't smoke marijuana, Even though people are tense and stressed out , there are always other methods, like a nice spa day, meditation, or listening to relaxing music. No one should risk themselves in a bad way like that, because eventually , it will ruin your future, and this time permanently.

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