How To Have A Effective Classroom


Strategy #1

Clarifying, Understanding, and Sharing Learning Intentions

Strategy #2

Engineering Effective Classroom Discussions, Tasks and Activities That Elicit Evidence of Learning.

Strategy #3

Providing Feedback that Moves Learners Forward

Strategy #4

Activating Students As Learning Resources for one Another.

Strategy #5

Activating Students As Owners of their own Learning.

Formative and Summative Assessments

Why to Consider Formative Assessment over Summative?

Formative assessment hep us improve the students achievements. With teachers being in a big rush to move on to a new lesson, taking the time to use an formative assessment is greater than child a failing a lesson. One thing that I do in my classroom is set goals for each of my students, and as I see making progress toward that goal I write down each new skill I notice.