Friday Focus

Friday, April 29, 2016 . . . vol. 3, no. 33

Friday Focus is a quick digest of news and notes for members of The Indianapolis Public Library Shared System.
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HIgh Traffic Bulletin Board

Kristen Williams (SJA) made this bulletin board to encourage students and teachers to return their library materials. She took close-ups so you could actually read the signs and see how it fits together! Hope she gets all those books back before the end of school! She usually does - and now I know why!
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When Art and Libraries Mix

Tony Radford, IndyPL Artist in Residence, is working on a project with students and Allen Wright, the school library manager at ICAN (Indiana College Preparatory Network). Allen also happens to be an art teacher, so the project is a great fit! The students will create four individual pieces of artwork using "found" supplies and materials that Tony brought them. In addition they can add other found objects and materials as well. The finished pieces will be displayed in next year's youth exhibit at Meet the Artists 2017 at Central Library. Can't wait to see what they come up with!
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Have you ever had a parent ask for a kids-only content interface for Hoopla? Like the Kids Reading Room that we offer on OverDrive? Well, we wanted it, too! Hoopla listened to librarians and parents from across the nation with the same request. And now it’s here!

Presenting the “Kid’s Mode” feature in Hoopla!! Found in the settings section on your device or in your profile on your computer, it’s a simple toggle. Easy! Turning it on whether you are in the app or on the website will turn on a filter that allows only juvenile materials to appear.

Note: This setting stays with the device, not the account. So if a parent enables “Kid’s Mode” on little Jimmy’s iPad, it’s set only for that iPad. If little Jimmy uses another device (like a PC), the parent will have to enable Kid’s Mode on that device, too.

Hope this helps your parents and teachers with offering Hoopla content to their students. You could even use this setting on the library PCs or iPads. Take a moment to turn it on and see how the content changes.

And as always, if you have any questions, please contact me!

Join the Friends of the Library

They want to be your friend, too!

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Summer Reading Lists, Tailor Made

For those of you with 4th through 6th grade students who need summer reading suggestions, I prepared a prototype email list for Our Lady of Lourdes to check out. The list is of all the Summer Reading Program Bonus Books - all 51 of them! The titles are hyperlinked to a catalog search, and I included info about reading levels and the formats the titles come in (print, ebook, CD, eaudio, Spanish, Chinese, French). I've been reading these books since Janet Spaulding (IndyPL's extraordinary juveile selector) first put the list together and I can assure you there are some really good reads on the list! This is a list that will interest both the big reader and the reluctant reader, the teacher who loves classics and the teacher who likes current fiction.

The book list itself is an email, with a hyperlink at the top, a lot like Friday Focus. You can email the list to students, teachers, or families. You can also create a link on your school or library website directly to the list in case they "accidentally" delete the email! If you want to, go look at the whole list and see for yourself!

If you want a list for your school, let me know and I'll drop your logo in. If you want to change the photo at the top, maybe include a photo of your principal reading instead, I can do that, too!

For students in other grades, send in your lists and we'll use LibraryAware, a product of the same folks who bring us NoveList, to create annotated book lists. I'll include the added info about the variety of formats we have available for the titles on the list.


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