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Endeavour Elementary - Week 8

Welcome to Week 8!

Hello Endeavour Jaguars, we hope this newsletter finds you well! This is the second week of graded activities for PE and Music. Please reach out to your students PE or Music teacher if you are having trouble completing the assignments. Our goal is to make it as easy and fun as possible! The information in this newsletter is a reminder of activities your student's PE and Music teacher posted on Seesaw and some bonus optional library activities as well. Enjoy!

Health and Fitness Update with Mrs. Skogstad and Mrs. Marsh

Weekly Update with Mrs. Skogstad

Hello Families, I am posting a weekly activity every Friday in Seesaw & on my website: Mrs Skogstad’s PE Website. This gives families a head start on the weekend to do fitness together!

This week: In Seesaw, please select class: PE-your grade & Teacher- in top left corner. Then select activities for the “Health Related Fitness Component” weekly log posted. I would like to hear back from you 1 time during the week responding to the fitness log & answering any quick fitness questions I might ask. *Tell Mrs. Skogstad which Health-Related Fitness Component you worked on the most this week.

Students can post on their class PE seesaw page by Friday May 22nd or email me what you did: skogstads2@issaquah.wednet.edu

Reminder: If you are working on completing: The MAY Monthly Fitness Calendar: turn in by May 29th.

Mrs. Marsh's PE Remote Learning

Hello Jaguars! It is crazy to think summer is around the corner. I so miss your sweet faces. Again, I want to make sure that our lessons are simple for you and your parents to monitor. Once a week on Friday, I will be assigning you your weekly assignment through Seesaw. You can choose to simply write me and let me know what you have been doing to stay active, fill in the activity sheet and show me through email or post to seesaw, or fill out your monthly fitness log. You DO NOT have to do all three just choose what works best for YOU.

It can be riding your scooter, bike, walking with your family, or as simple as playing in your back yard. You can access this through Seesaw and my Website. MarshE@issaquah.wednet.edu. Thanks so much for all you are doing and I hope you are doing well and staying healthy.

Music Update with Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Caulton

Music with Mrs. Murphy

Hello everyone! This week we are exploring the music of India!

To find this week’s materials, click on Mrs. Murphy’s Website, find your grade level, and scroll down! Watch the introductory videos, and then choose 2-3 of the provided activities to explore the Music of India.

Email me and tell me about what you learned about the music of India this week! You can even send me a picture or a video clip of you interacting with the materials! Reach me at murphyc@issaquah.wednet.edu or post on Seesaw!

Don’t forget, if you finish this week’s activities and want to keep exploring music, you can find many more enrichment materials for all grades on my website. You can even login to Quaver through Clever to access the Student Portal and explore countless music related games, compositions, and activities!

Music with Ms. Caulton

Greetings from Ms. Caulton in the virtual music room!

2nd graders dive deep into the world of brass music!

  • Learn why marching bands and brass instruments go together like cookies and milk
  • Watch Quaver as he explores the connection between tubing and pitch.
  • Learn to do something with your lips that you should probably do outside!
  • See if you can complete the scavenger hunt within Student Interactives

4th graders rock out this week!

  • Learn the harmonic structure of rock-n-roll
  • Check out instruments usually found in rock bands (but not in symphony orchestras!)
  • Compose a rock song complete with melody and chords.

Share your work in the final video slide, post on SeeSaw or send me mail.

No matter how you do it, I love to hear ​from you!

Library Update with Mrs. Skosky

Week 8 - Escape Games for the whole family!

Hi Endeavour Jaguars! It has been great to see some of you on Zoom recently :) Please note that I will post read aloud videos as announcements on Seesaw on your students regularly scheduled library day. These are optional and I hope you enjoy them!
Escape rooms have become very popular over the past few years. The trend of having digital escape rooms (or games) has been around long before we were practicing social distancing. I have quite a few BreakOut EDU games linked on my library website but there are also a bunch of fun ones created by others. Here are links to a few I thought students (and families!) would enjoy. It can be a fun thing to do all together as a family (think of it as a modern new board game :)

Escape Rooms Games made via Google:

Thanks for Reading!