The Basics of Lacrosse

It is simple and fun!


There are ten players on each team, one goalie, three defenders, three midfielders, and three attackers. There are four quarters of fifteen minutes in a game. The game starts by a facoff, how the ball is put into play at the start of each quarter, or after a goal is scored. The players squat down and the ball is placed between their crosses at the center of the field at the big X. When the whistle is blown, each player attempts to gain possession of the ball. When you have possesion you try to pass the ball to your teammates going closer to the goal. When you have penetrated your oppenents defense zone, you shoot the ball in the goal. It is similar to soccer, but in lacrosse there is a sixty second shot clock in which you have to attempt to shoot it or else the ball is not your anymore. The shot clock is similar to the possesion rule in basketball. The team that has scored the most goals wins.