Google Software Engineer

By: Carolyn Kelly and Tashema Johnson

Software Engineers

Software engineers apply principles and techniques of computer science, mathematical analysis, and engineering to create the design and development of an application for a computer. Usually software engineers work in application or software development. Software engineers also maintain systems or applications to fit the needs of a user. Software engineers instruct a computer to perform a function. Software engineers are more concerned with solving programming problems than with the computer coding itself. Software engineers are very important to the development of a computer application.

Job Duties

During the job of a software engineer for Google you will have to conduct many tasks. You will have to be able to write a server-based code for web-based applications and also to be able to create prototypes quickly. Additionally, you will have to build platforms, systems, networking infrastructure, and large scale storage systems for different clients. You will have to build internal systems that is going to be used by many of Googlers. During the job, you will be creating application development for Windows/Mac. Our employees average salary is about $125,311 per year. Please take these duties into consideration when considering this job.
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Job Requirements

To be able to have the opportunity to get this job, you will have to have some experience with computer programming. It would be great if you have a MS or PhD in computer science. In addition to having an education in computers, coding skills would also be a skill to have. Also it be a great convenience if you had a strong knowledge of computer science, data structures, and software design. It is crucial that you have object orienting skills.

About Us

Google will always be an engineering company. Typically we hire people with broad technological skills. Our workers are continuously working on new technologies for clients around the world. Also, we have many applications being designed at one time. Our engineers are changing the world one technological piece at a time.
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