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Featuring Emily Evans & Alexis Lovejoy

All about Emily Evans

Emily Evans

A little bit about me, I am 11 years old.(my birth day was February 13th) I have 6 siblings,4 sisters( Paige,Lilly,Regan and Makayla) And 2 brothers.(Ethan and Aiden)My favorite subject in school is writing.I have been a dancer for 5 years, and my favorite color is pink.

All about Alexis Lovejoy

Alexis Lovejoy

My name is Alexis Lovejoy and I am in 5th grade. My favorite subject is math.I have 1 sister (Amanda). I also like to play basketball.My team I am on is Glen-Este Trojans. My school I go to is Willowville Elementary.I am aslo 10 years old.Those are some thing about me.