Technology class

By: Connor Bryfczynski

Typing Web

  • In typing we learned how to type faster.
  • The class had to beat the intermediate course.
  • We had to look at the screen not our hands.


  • We had to take pictures of us in the trailer.
  • I had to make a movie trailers name or title.
  • The photos must be real not Photoshop.

Haiku Deck

  • We made presentations for the class on our dream job.
  • You have to research the job.
  • Then you put it into a presentation.

Career Locker

  • We looked up are careers for when we get older.
  • You have to research your career.
  • There is a project that you have to look upthe cost and the college name.


  • We had to complete courses to get grades.
  • The codes got harder every lesson.
  • learned how to code for games.