Digital Citizendship Progect

Litzy R. p.5 12/14/15

Top 7 rules for Digital Etiquitte

Rule 1#THINK Before You Post

  1. Think before you post means TRUE?, HELPFUL?, INSPIRATIONAL?, NECESSARY?,and/or KIND?

Rule 2# Information Privacy

  1. Never open a message that you don't know and if you don't know that person then just delete it

Rule 3#Social Networking

  1. never let people that you don't know follow you or let people try to chat you

Rule 4# Online Safety


Rule5# Cyberbullying

If you are getting bullied then tell a adult.

Rule 6# Plagiarism

Do not plagiarize or else you will get a F or you will get in trouble. It is like taking a test if the teacher catches you cheating you will get a F just like you plagiarize.

Rule 7# Copyright

If you copyright then you will get in trouble by the create who made it