Son of Apollo

Orpheus was the son of Apollo. He was a very talented musician in the sense that he could make anyone on the world fall in love with him over his music. He learned his true musical talent when his father gave him a lyre that could play the most beautiful tunes in the world. He then found his true love, and her name was Eurydice. He fell in love with her. He had chosen her out of all the girls in the world. Then a satyr came one day to Eurydice and persuaded her to go into tall grass. It ended up being a trap and there were poisonous snakes that killed her. Orpheus was mourning, and he was determined to have her back. So he traveled to the underworld. His only weapons were his lyre and his voice. He used both to persuade Charon, the person who gives boat rides across the River of Styx. He also bribed Cerberus, Hades' pet that guards the entrance to Hades Layer. Orpheus used his voice and lyre to make Hades into such sorrow that Orpheus make an offer to get Eurydice back. There was one condition, he could not look back at her until they were in the human world. Orpheus was questioning his faith while walking up the stairs to Earth, and looked back. Eurydice was now lost forever. Out of grief, he swore to never love another woman on earth. Then one day the Ciconian woman, people of Dionysus were mad at Orpheus because of his music. So they threw rocks and sticks at him. He would still not stop, so they tore him to bits and pieces.
Orpheus and Eurydice