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Technology Integration Newsletter-November 18, 2014

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Great iPad Apps and Descriptions with "ThingLink"

Thankful Turkeys with ImageChef.com

Looking for a fun way to utilize technology as you teach about Thanksgiving? One option is to have students create a "Thankful Turkey" using a website that allows for customized word mosaics. Follow the steps below to create your turkey!

  1. Go to www.imagechef.com
  2. Roll Mouse over "Create"
  3. Select "Word Mosaic"
  4. Next to the heart symbol, find the down arrow and click.
  5. In the search box that pops up, have the student type the word "Turkey"
  6. There are two turkey options, but I selected the one in color, as I like the outline better.
  7. Have students click in the text box, and begin typing things they are thankful for. Separate words by a space. They can click the preview button to see their words in the picture.
  8. When they are finished typing words, they can click the text color, background color, and font options at the top to customize their design.
  9. Students can print these designs right from the webpage, or follow the directions below to save an image.

Saving Your Thankful Turkey

Students will have to take a screenshot of the image.

  • Have students hold down "Command (⌘)-Shift Key-4".
  • They will see their mouse turn into a "+" and they can drag that around their image.
  • As soon as they release the mouse button, the image will automatically save to the desktop of their computer.
  • They can then open the image and print it out from there.

Thankful Turkey with Image Chef
The teacher that created the video above utilizes blogs, so some of the information at the end of the video will not be relevant regarding how to embed the image into student blog pages. She does have a great short video tutorial of how to create a Thankful Turkey if you happen to get stuck.

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