Tiziano Vecellio (Titian)

Painting then inspiring now


Titian claims to be born in 1477 but many scholars think he was just exaggerating his age. Many believe that he was actually born round 1488. He came from line of civil servants, lawyers, and inherited financial skills and a careful approach on business, so it was odd for him to one day become a great artist

He is the oldest of four kids, his fathers name was Gregorio Vecellio and was a distinguished solider,counselor, and was the superintendent of castle Pieve de Cadoe. Man Titian had lot of pressure on him to be great.

When he was round the age of 11 his brother, Frances Vecellio, went to live with their uncle so they could get n apprenticeship with the painter Gentile Bellini they then later transferred to his brother Giovanni Bellini. After a while Titian became mosaic artist. (this was before he became painter.


Paintings. fresco, and portraits

Titian made lot of artwork here are a few:

  • Portrait of Charles the Fifth
  • Portrait of Pope Paul the Third
  • Bacchus and Ariadne
  • Allegory of Prudence
  • Bacchanal (The Andrians)

Impact on today

Titian doesn't have much of influence on people today unless you are n artist. If you are you could be inspired by the different styles he used in his paintings. For example in 1530 Titian's wife ,Cecilia, died and his art style changed from bright, contrasting colors to light, shade, and applied his oil pint very thick on canvas, impasto. Or if you want to be a scholar and study his sketches and paintings.