Suprising Crane Fly

By Tyler

Name of Bug

The scientific name for a Crane Fly is Nephrotoma Appendiculata.


Carne Flies live in damp places and sometimes live in water.


As a larva Crane Flies eat roots and organic matters. They do not eat as a adult.


A habit of a Crane fly is flying.

Life cycle

The Crane Fly has three stages in the life cycle. Egg then larva then pupa then adult. Eggs are laid in water. It takes 72 hours for the egg to hatch. It takes a month to become a adult. Adults live for a few days but long enough to mate and lay eggs.


Crane Flies are 1 inch long. They have six long spindly legs. Sometimes their thin body is mistaken for a Mosquito. They have two wings. Their eyes are very large.


Females have a sharp Ovipositor on the tip of their abdomen to help with defense. They have Spiracles that look like tentacles. Crane Flies stick there Spiracles out of the water so they can breath air. When they are in the water there wings do not get wet.


Larva and pupa are dug up by Moles and Skunks. Larva are also eaten by fish turtles and under water predators. Humans will kill them. Adults are eaten by bats, birds and spiders.

Intresting facts

In Europe Crane flys are called daddy long legs.Crane flys are atracted to larva.French call Crane flys cousins.

My Crane Fly House

I designed my house/habitat for my client,the Crane Fly.I have 1 room in my house.If you look closely you will notice it looks like a Crane Fly.
Spider eats Crane fly