Scientific Process in Court Rooms

In relation to the murder of a hotel manager

Scientific Processes

The scientific process can be called many things, 100% accurate is one that most people think of. Can the scientific process really be 100% accurate all the time though. A witness in the hotel managers trial said "You always know that science is true, it isn't based off of assumptions" yet through the trial of a hotel manager’s death and the suspects as his employees we have seen that even with full scientific proof there isn’t always going to be an accurate arrest. The Real CSI documentary went through three cases where forensic science was used and claimed to be 100% accurate when in reality it was completely wrong. With all of this being said, scientific processes are some of the best ways of figuring out who did what in a case.

DNA testing is one of the most fool proof ways to figure out if the suspect is guilty or not in their trial. DNA testing is the most valid of all the ways of forensic sciences. Fingerprinting is one of the most common sciences to identify who was at the crime scene. Scientific evidence when used in court is something that most judges and juries will automatically assume is correct because it comes from an “official”. What makes an official an official is not what he/she did to recieve the title of official but how they have used it. When a scientific official has been using his title for years and has shown success throughout his career then that is what makes him an official. That is what makes his work valid.

The Cases

The three cases in The Real CSI showed its viewers that even with professionals doing their job there can be mistakes. A man was convicted of being a terrorist, a man in jail for life for the murder and sexual assult of a three year old girl and the false accusing of a mother killing her own daughter. The “terrorist” was convicted with partial finger prints found at the sight of the bombing in Spain. It was considered valid in court yet it was not a complete match to this man. This case changed the way courts look at finger printing today, it has changed the automatic validity of them. Dental printing was the way a man was sent to jail for a little girls death. These claims were incorrect but the practice of dental printing still remains valid. This is one of the fields with the most mistakes yet because a professional does the work it is true. The hotel managers death was one with all the evidence pointing to the chef but when it came down to the decision the jury decided to say she wasn’t guilty. A student at the trial says "There was no evidence to her not committing the murder" the jury had to decide if they would agree with the evidence or not. The validity of the scientific process is hard to decide. Most of the time is depends on the situation and other evidence that is given in the case. Although there have been a few mistakes in the past the scientific process is one that is the most valid piece of evidence in the court room. Without it half of the people in prison wouldn’t be there today.