A VCE Learning Commons Adventure

Literacy Lodge: Poetry Workshop

We are so excited to celebrate our first K-5 author study in the Literacy Lodge! The spotlight is on Peter Reynolds and we are going BIG! Any place is a good place to start...but we have chosen The Dot to kick it off and will be working our way through Ish, North Star, and Sky Color! My hope is to weave lessons of creativity, courage, compassion, and kindness into our day through storytelling and poetry!

"The best way out is always through".-Robert Frost

I hope that everyone enjoyed their first visit to the Literacy Lodge! Please come on down as scheduled and we will wrap-up after 30 minutes to ensure smooth transitions between classes! I have put a Literacy Lodge folder in the W drive and kindly ask that your team drops ELA plans/content focus for the grade level so that I can best respond to your learning community's needs each time we meet! Thank you to the moon and back!

Trail Guide Contact Information

Literacy Lodge Instruction: Mrs. Tracey L. Varrone

Library Collection & Circulation: Mrs. Ann Waters ext.180140