2T Times

What's Happening in Room 211

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 12/10: 1/2 Day Conferences (Start at 1:30)

Thursday 12/11: Full Day Evening Conferences (Start at 6)

Friday 12/12: No School for Students and Conferences (Start at 8:20)

Last Day for Scholastic Orders I am submitting any orders at 4PM The code is NLD79 you can click Here to order

Monday 12/15: 1/2 Day Conferences (Start at 1:30)

Tuesday 12/16: Word Study Test and Menu Due

Thursday 12/18: Dine out for Tatem (Whole Hog Cafe)

Techzel Money Due

Friday 12/19: Community Meeting 2PM

Tuesday 12/23: 1/2 Day and Winter Break Begins

We will have our Lesson 10 Word Study test

Monday 1/6: School Reopens

Classroom News and Events

Reader's Workshop

We have started Lesson 9 in Journeys. This week students will be studying characters and character traits. They will pick 1 trait to describe characters and find specific evidence to support their thinking. When reading at home you can ask students who the characters are in their story and how they would describe them. Our Main Selection this cycle is "How Chipmunk Got Its Stripes."


We have started Unit 4 in Math. In Unit 4 we are going to work with word problems and using diagrams to solve word problems. Your children are practicing entering numbers from the problem into the diagram and leaving what they are looking for open with a question mark. Then they can think about how they can solve the problem to find the answer. We will also begin two digit addition strategies. During Math Facts time in our Math Workshop students are using ipad apps to build their addition and subtraction fact power.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we have jumped in with procedural writing. We studied samples of a lab report and learned that they have open with a question and a hypothesis. We also learned that they have a clear materials and procedures list. We are working on conducting experiments, tweaking them and adding precise details so someone else can try our experiment. We have enjoyed getting to think creatively and design our own questions we want to answer.

Word Study

This week we are studying lesson 9. The words for lesson 9 have -ed and -ing word endings. Thanks for your continued support in helping complete the menus at home. When talking with your children about the words you can point out the base word and the ending. We are also discussing how in certain words you drop the e and add the ing or the ed.


We wrapped up our first unit and have begun working in Balancing and Weighing. We will study how to make the weight even on both sides so something is balanced. We will also study how to compare the weights of different items and place a group of objects in serial order. Some vocabulary we will practice is: beam, fulcrum, balance, serial order, and equal arm balance. We will also practice balancing different shapes by creating a mobile.