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For the week of March 11-15

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Mission Statement

  • Lapeer Community Schools is a dynamic community organization embracing our students with a quality learning environment, developing independent and confident learners for the future.

#TurrillTough means...

At Turrill we're not just building things. We want to work with our parents to build better people!! A Community of Success!

We think that each one of us is strong individually but we are even stronger when we work together.

Taking the time to acknowledge the kind deeds of others is...

...being Turrill Tough!!

Parent Drop off and PickUp Reminders

  • Please remain in your car and have your children enter/exit on the side nearest the sidewalk.
  • Have your children unbuckle and prepare for exiting your car as you pull forward to the drop off
  • Please pull forward as far as you can
  • Merge to the pass through lane after dropping off or picking up your children
  • If you have to exit your vehicle please use a parking space

Vision Statement

Excellence in all we do for our students, our schools and our community through

  • Continuous improvement;
  • Diligent effort; and
  • Innovative design

Important Times

Office Hours during the School Year:

8:15 am -- Office opens

8:35 am -- Student supervision outside of school begins (please do not leave your child unsupervised)

8:40 am -- Building opens; Students enter the building (breakfast available in the classrooms)

8:44 am -- School day begins

3:40 pm -- End of the school day

4:15 pm -- Office closes

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What's Up this Week?

Monday, March 11 -

  • Remember to register for the 5-day Intersession #3 from April 1-April 5
  • It turns out that young children being read to almost always focus on the illustrations. And when they're not enjoying the pictures, they are looking up at the adult reader. The child's eyes almost never look at the print on the page, yet that's where children can learn the most about letters, sounds, and words. To get the most out of a shared reading, encourage your child to appreciate the pictures, and also guide their attention to printed words. Doing so may help your child's reading, spelling, and comprehension skills down the road.

Tuesday, March 12 -

  • Preschool visit to Turrill
  • March is Reading Month Family Event from 5:00-7:00
  • Year-Round Prospective Family Open House from 6:00-7:00

Wednesday, March 13 -

  • TAG at 7:50

Thursday, March 14 -

  • Good News Club after school
  • Intersession Registration Forms are Due Today

Friday, March 15 -

  • To help direct your child's attention to the print in a book, parents can focus on specific parts of it, including:

    • The meaning of the print. This includes pointing out specific words within a book and drawing the child's attention to the print. For example, "Here are the penguin's words. He says, thank you."
    • The organization of the book and print, which includes understanding the way pages are read, the role of the author, and print direction. For example, "I am going to read this page first and then this page over here next." Or "This is the top of the page. This is where I begin reading."
    • The letters, which includes helping your child know that letters come in uppercase and lowercase, and helping your child learn the names of each letter. For example, "This M in the red block is an uppercase letter. See how this uppercase letter is bigger than these lowercase letters?"
    • The words, which includes helping your child recognize some written words, and the match between spoken words and written words. For example, "Let's point to each word as I read it. Ready?"

March is Reading Month Family Event

Tuesday, March 12th, 5-7pm

785 South Elm Street

Lapeer, MI

Come and read with your child along with other fun activities!

Intersession #3 Transportation Registration Forms Due Today

Thursday, March 14th, 3:30pm

785 South Elm Street

Lapeer, MI

Students will explore various transportation including:

  • Ambulance presentation
  • Train depot tour
  • Lapeer Airport
  • Tow Truck presentation
  • Bus garage tour
  • Pinewood derby race

Download the Registration Form Below.

PTC Dance - Rescheduled Date

Friday, March 22nd, 6-8pm

170 Millville Road

Lapeer, MI

Put your dance shoes on! Come and join us for a good time!!

  • Consider dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings before or after the dance! Use the "Home Team Advantage" card to raise funds for Turrill, too!
  • PTC Dance at CFI from 6:00-8:00


Intersession 3 Coming up Soon! Transportation Theme

Monday, April 1st through Friday, April 5th

Download the Registration Form Below - Forms are due by Thursday, March 14th

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Lapeer Community Schools plans for November 2019 Bond Election

After months of study and input from the community, the Lapeer Community Schools (LCS) Board of Education approved placing a $94.9 million bond proposal on the November 5, 2019 ballot.

If the bond proposal is approved by voters, the current tax rate would increase by an estimated 2.7 mills. For the average homeowner, the cost would be $12 per month.

According to Superintendent Matt Wandrie, approval of the bond proposal would allow the school district to implement a district-wide restructuring plan to meet the educational needs of this generation and the next.

“Our goal is to provide Lapeer Community Schools students with the best educational opportunities possible while being fiscally responsible to taxpayers,” Wandrie said. “Implementing the restructuring plan developed with input from over 600 community members, parents, students and staff, will allow us to restructure the school district and make long-overdue facility updates.”

The restructuring plan calls for the following:

1. Maintenance of the year-round program in grades K-8.

2. The development of an Early Childhood Center at Turrill Elementary School to serve all kindergarten students and the district’s Early Five program.

3. A reconfiguration of the East Campus, currently home to Lapeer High School, to serve all Lapeer students in grades 1-4. Lynch, Mayfield, and Murphy elementary schools would be closed and sold.

4. Use of Schickler Elementary School for the district’s alternative and virtual learning programs.

5. The reconfiguration of the Rolland-Warner Campus which would become an intermediate school, serving all Lapeer students in grades 5-6.

6. The Zemmer Campus would serve all Lapeer students is grades 7-8.

7. The Center for Innovation (formerly Lapeer West High School) would undergo a full-scale renovation and become Lapeer High School. This comprehensive high school would serve all students in grades 9-12 and include programming currently offered at the Center for Innovation. The District’s Athletic Complex would remain at the site.

8. Maple Grove and Cramton campuses would remain as currently configured. (A large portion of Maple Grove would continue to be leased to Community Mental Health and another portion of the building would continue to provide virtual school programming.) The Home School Partnership Program would remain at the Cramton facility.

9. The Administration building would remain as currently configured and house the administrative services staff that support the school district’s educational offerings.

The new configuration would reduce operational costs by an estimated $1.0-1.5 million annually, while providing more educational opportunities and specialized programming for students.

“This proposal represents an investment in the future of Lapeer that, if approved, will benefit entire community,” said LCS Board of Education President Michael Keller. “We are confident that the restructuring plan will provide the best educational experience for our students, reduce operational costs, and support the district’s continuing commitment to enhance student achievement.”

“Approval of the bond proposal would mark a huge step forward for the District,” Wandrie said. “This reconfiguration plan is the result of years of strategic planning and community engagement. From now until election day, we look forward to sharing with residents the rationale, cost savings, and timelines to implement the plan.”

The last time residents voted on a bond proposal to upgrade district facilities was in 2007. That bond was primarily used to renovate the Rolland-Warner and Zemmer campuses, both of which are essential to the restructuring plan.

All bond projects must be approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. In addition, all renovations and upgrades will be in compliance with all state and federal laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To inform residents of the plan and the proposed projects, a series of meetings will be conducted throughout the community. In addition, a complete list of planned projects as well as all bond information can be found online at LapeerSchools.org.

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Scientists, just like readers, make predictions all the time. Help your child begin to see the connection between what she does as a reader and what she can do as a scientist. Here are two simple ways you can encourage your child to put her prediction skills to work as a scientist.

As a young reader, your child is learning to make predictions while reading. "What do you think will happen next?" "Who do you think drank Sara's lemonade?" These types of questions we ask children as they're reading help them learn to monitor their understanding of the story while thinking ahead to the next part. If your child is able to make good and fairly accurate predictions while reading, chances are she comprehends the story well.

Scientists, just like readers, make predictions all the time. In fact, scientists use predictions as part of their hypothesis, or question they try to answer through their experiments. Help your child begin to see the connection between what she does as a reader and what she can do as a scientist.

Below are two simple ways you can encourage your child to put her prediction skills to work as a scientist:

Play favorites

What is our family's favorite flavor of ice-cream? What is our favorite movie to watch together? What is our favorite bedtime story? Choose a question, or make up your own, that your child is excited about.

First, have your child predict or guess the answer to the question. Help her write down her prediction. "I think chocolate is our family's favorite flavor of ice cream." Then, have your child ask each member of the family for an answer. Have your child record the answers using a special Science Notebook or simply mark tally marks on paper. Finally, ask your child to compare her prediction to the actual answers.

Good guess!

Estimation is often very similar to a prediction. In both cases, your child will be working to make a good guess about an answer. As with our Play Favorites idea, encourage your child to write down (or write together) the questions and answers in a special Science Notebook. Whenever possible, encourage the use of scientific words like estimation, predication, collect data, analyze, and prove.

Here are some estimation questions that require your child to make a prediction:

  • How many noodles will it take to fill up this jar? Encourage your child to use scientific language and thinking to answer. "I predict it will take 300 noodles to fill the jar."
  • How many steps is it from our front door to the mailbox?
  • How much does our dog weigh?
  • How many library books fit on one shelf?
  • How long do you think it will take for the ice cubes to freeze (or melt)?

We predict your child will have great fun with these activities! And you can have fun knowing that you're helping your child make important connections between the skills of prediction, reading, and science.

Click below to Download Info about Applying for Year-Round School

Dear Turrill Families,

These are some FAQs in case you have some questions regarding the upcoming 2019-2020 school year:

- If my child(ren) currently attend Turrill, do I need to re-apply for the Year-Round program? No. Students already accepted into the Year-Round program and attending Turrill do not have to fill out an application for the upcoming school year. All current Turrill students will be automatically enrolled at Turrill for the next school year. These students actually visit their new teacher and classroom prior to leaving for summer.

- If I have a child(ren) at Turrill right now AND have a new E5 or Kindergarten student coming in, what do I need to do? Families that have students currently enrolled at Turrill with a sibling entering into E5 or Kindergarten for the upcoming school year do not have to fill out an application for the Year-Round program BUT DO NEED TO COMPLETE the Sibling Form and Enrollment Papers available at Kindergarten Roundup. If a family has a child currently at Turrill the sibling entering E5 or Kindergarten will automatically be able to attend Turrill if they are enrolled at Kindergarten Roundup.

- If I do NOT have a child(ren) at Turrill currently but have an E5 or Kindergarten student I would like in the Year-Round program, what do I need to do? New kindergarten students without siblings at Turrill must complete an application for the upcoming school year if they are interested in attending Turrill AND all enrollment forms. Applications for new families and Enrollment forms should be completed during Kindergarten Roundup.

- What should I do if I do NOT have a child(ren) at Turrill right now but have a 1st through 5th grader and would like to apply for admission into the program? For prospective new families with students in first through fifth grade not currently attending Turrill but interested in applying for the upcoming school year should fill out an application and submit it to the Turrill office. New students are admitted based on grade level availability or placed on a waiting list.

- If I have a current 5th grade student at Turrill, do I need to submit an application for the Year-Round program at Rolland Warner? Turrill 5th grade students do not need to submit an application to attend Rolland Warner Year-Round middle school as they are automatically enrolled.

- How do I withdraw my child(ren) from the Year-Round program? Families wishing to withdraw from the year-round program need to complete and submit a withdrawal form. The form can be found online or obtained at the school office.

As we move into March we will be starting to collect information from families in order to start establishing class lists at all grade levels for the upcoming school year.

If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to call the office at 810-667-2438.

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