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As part of the STEM curriculum at East Lee Middle School, students learned about how Robotics Engineering Class at the eighth grade is related to real world experiences. Some of the projects students have been exploring are: sound sensors, light sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and touch sensors. The Robotics class applies real word examples as they move through the projects in Ms. Barbour's Robotics class. Mr. Ted Pauling from Coty spoke about how robotics relates with Coty, the manufacturing process, and the systems of a robot. Students were able to apply what they have learned in class. For an example, a light sensor that they program on the robot detects light to follow a program that might be expected to follow a black line. Coty was able to make a similar connection to their business where as in manufacturing the robots follow colored lines on the floor to move through the assembly process or deliver parts. ELMS is thankful for Mr. Ted Pauling presentation to our students.
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AVID goes to Campbell University

East Lee Middle School is taking steps toward making their college dreams a reality by choosing the AVID. Our school works hard implementing AVID strategies and learning about how to be college and career ready. This week, ELMS students went to Campbell University and explored the campus through the department of education. Students were blown away by the interactive question session, campus food, their wildlife museum, and football field. Go Camels!