Bells Palsy

By Jorge Amador

Sir Charles Bell

  • Sir Charles Bell was a Scottish anatomist and surgeon in the 19th century
  • He discovered that when severing the facial nerves it causes facial paralysis
  • During his discoveries the disease was named after him(Bells Palsy)

Other discoveries

  • Bells phenomenon-A normal defensive mechanism
  • Bells Spasm-Twitching of facial mussels
  • Bell-Magendie law or bells law-states the difference between spinal nerve and posterior roots
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How to get Bells Palsy

  • It was commonly caused from a separate disease called the herpes virus
  • The second is from inflammation which causes half of your facial nerves to paralyze


From the Bells Palsy disease there are only a few known symptoms for the disease

  • Paralysis of facial nerves of half your face
  • Drooling
  • Eye problems(cant close completely)
  • lost of ability to taste
  • increased sensitivity to sound

How is it treated

Most victims show signs that they will get better in 1-2 months by still partially moving there facial mussels. Those who most likely will stay permanent would not being able to move any part of half there face.