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October 9, 2015

In this edition you will find:

  • Boosting Tier 1 Instruction Resources
  • Kinder PALS Updates
  • New READ Plan and Reminders
  • Important Links to District and PALS Resources and Archived READ Newsletters

Optional READ Support Session-October 23 in Mt. Massive, PLCC

If you need face to face time to ask any READ related questions, please join us for an optional Q&A session on Friday, October 23 from 10:45-11:30. Come anytime during this session and please invite others from your school who may want to attend these optional READ support sessions.

High Leverage Strategies for Boosting Tier I Instruction

As a READ Team, we want to support schools and teachers with boosting their Tier I instruction so we can prevent students from needing a READ Plan, as well as increase the number of students who are reaching proficiency in reading so we can end their READ Plans. As you know, the success of any intervention plan is highly dependent on how strong the core instruction is in the classroom. We want to make sure our support is reflecting this belief as well.

There are many aspects of strong core instruction and the resources we provide are not all inclusive. They do provide some key look-fors for School Leaders and Teaching Partners that can be used when collecting data and reflecting on classroom practices.

Instructional Coordinators, ELA Consultants, and MTSS Partners can provide support as needed so please communicate any needs with us.

Essential Elements of Guided Reading

8 Blocks and WIDA Supports

Meaning-based Approaches to Literacy (menu)

Elements/Steps of Co-Constructed Text


The window for Kinder PALS testing is November 2-December 18. Please make sure your Kinder teams are trained and ready to choose and administer Form B during this window.

  • Kindergarten Teachers: It is highly recommended by PALS that you integrate the Concept of Word Rhyme into your instruction as early as possible so that students will know the rhyme by heart before assessing the skill.
  • Teachers will need to administer ALL required assessments according to PALS for Kinder students to receive a cut score. This is different than the number of required assessments for students in grades 1-3. Two of the assessments can be administered in small groups.

READ Plan Reminders

  • Under the new security parameters set by the district, only the classroom teacher can create a new READ plan for their student. If you are supporting a teacher in creating a plan, be sure the teacher is the person logged into Enrich.
  • When teachers create or revise a plan, there are a few additional steps in the process.
  • Revised help sheets are included below.

Creating a READ Plan

Updating a READ Plan

Finalizing READ Plans and Updating a Team Lead

PLEASE FINALIZE ALL PLANS that have been revised-they are not activated plans until you finalize. Please see the help sheets above if needed.

  • As stated on page one of the Key Assessment Chart, teachers should have entered BAS baseline scores by Sept 11 into the Beginning of Year Baseline window, and End of Quarter 1 reading levels should've been entered for all students by October 9th. If this was not done, please remind teachers to enter their reading level data as soon as possible.
  • For all APS students who are on a READ plan, BAS levels need to be entered into Enrich monthly. This can be an analyzed running record given on an unseen text. A teacher is able to enter multiple scores in the same window by following the directions on this Enrich Help Sheet. This help sheet link is also at the bottom of the Key Assessment Chart on page 2.

Documenting READ Plan Tiers

The state version of the READ Plan does not have a drop-down menu for a team to indicate whether the plan is Tier II or Tier III. PLEASE indicate what Tier of instruction is occurring in the comments section of the READ Plan. Teachers do NOT need a separate Tier II or III READING Intervention Plan for ANY student who is on a READ Plan-that is their reading intervention plan.

New READ Plans

Students who were NOT on a READ Plan AND fall below the PALS cut scores will need the diagnostic testing before November 13th-OR SOONER. The sooner the better so Tier II Instruction with progress monitoring can happen quickly to meet the needs of the student based on the data.

Students SHOULD NOT be placed on a READ plan until the second Testing Window ends-after November 13th.

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