May Bird and the Ever After

S'more By: Maizie

By: Jodi Lynn Anderson

This story is about a 10 year old girl that discovers a door that leads to another world Follow May Bird in a crazy journey between life and death, make strange friends - and enemies... will May make it out alive to see her cat and mom once again?

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"May walked over to the wet tip of the lake and leaned over the edge to look at her own reflection. There she was, her short flat bangs parted to the sides, her black top and overalls, her knobby arms and legs. And there was something else: a tiny shimmering light. Standing up straight again, May looked at the sky. There was the sun, up behind the filmy clouds that were darting away. She looked down at the water, then up again. But the sun's reflection was in a whole other place entirely. This light almost looked like it was in the water. May leaned in a little bit farther, squinting. The light moved, quick, like a fish."

- Page 31

"Rare fun" - Kirkus Reviews

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